Dailies #41

Damn that hand in the second study is fucking horrid. I can draw hands only if I really focus on them. Otherwise I get this crap. I need to draw a 100 hands. And feet. And faces. And clothes. And liquids. Arms would be good too. Also shoulder and back muscles. Also would not hurt to do some environments... Whooo art!

48/100 almost halfway there!

I must say that I am starting to really dig drawing pussies. Especially with the lips parted. I always had hard time drawing them and because of that I gravitated towards futa's with balls. I think I am gonna do a lot more vanilla stuff in the future.

But tommorow I'll probably focus on gay anal kekekekekekek.


  1. Futa with balls <3

    Dick/vagina futa with no balls are unholy aberrations and must be purged with fire.

  2. The way you draw pussies is hot as hell, not surprising you enjoy that!

  3. Hey dude
    Could you explain this exercise draw 100, it comes around and draw pictures? could you explain more detailed, plz?

    obs1 : Yes, i use the google translator, my english sucks.

    obs2: your work is awesome!

  4. futa with balls AND vagina is best. just ask kamitora (frankly, i would kill to see it in your style, too)

  5. Please dont Abandon your lovely Futas, with their big dicks and sweet balls *sigh*

  6. Yeah don't abandon your futas! However I have to say...you're drawing those pussies really well! :P

  7. I would totally support you drawing 100 feet.

    ...just saying.

  8. Is #16 from that scene where someone putts a golf ball into her ass?