Dailies #39

My internet wen't down for the last 24 hours so I didn't have acces to any new photos of junk. But I had a couple of photos of pretty girls saved so I went with that. 

Some of these turned out damn ugly but that's not what the exercise is about. It's about hammering some proper proportions into my stupid head.

I also tried putting some of my new awesome pussy n dick drawing skills to the test and did some from imagination:

Looking good... Except for that retarded looking futa. God damn it looks so stupid. It should sit in front of a bus, petting a rock and annoying everybody.


  1. Looks good to me. At least you didn't put the penis way high up. I've seen some crazy futa with dicks underneath their belly buttons and shit.

  2. Number 3 looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson...
    I like it - I like it a lot

    1. You got that right. It was based on Scarlet Johanson's photo. But I did not really aim for likeness so I am very much surprised that you recognised her.

  3. I've yet to see a 'futa' character that didn't look uncannily like a castration victim :x

    It really is the worst.