Irregularlies #187

Only studies today. I'll be back to working on the comic tommorow.

Quick 15 minute figures from photos. I want to do more portraits but I can't neglect the rest of the body. I need to up my everyday study time.

Oh, also I started a tumblr. Gotta reach that sweet tumblr audience!


I need to upload some older stuff. Eeeeh


Irregularlies #186.5

Today, I took a day off from working on commissions and did two things. Played my HC Maruder in Path of Exile and finished the cowgirl. And by finished, I mean pick at it, untill I am sick of it:

Commission: Greed

First one from the series of commissions about the seven deadly sins. Yesss seveeen

First up is GREED

Brace for versions!

Irregularlies #186

Whooo, another lazy morning!

All that is left to do is to finish that shitty hand, do the cum version, and a couple of small things. Should be done tommorow. Or not.


Irregularlies #185

No portrait today. I wanted to put some extra time into the cowgirl:

I just noticed that her hips are way to narrow. It's an easy fix tho.

Also I hate her hair. It looks like seaweed. I'll have to redo it from scratch. 


Irregularlies #184

Whooo 10 portraits. Now let's do 10 more.

This one took 45 minutes to finish. I decided to stop timing these.


Irregularlies #183

This one looks high.

This one doesn't!

That fucking rake is screwing up my shadows! I think I'll get rid of it.


Irregularlies #182

I think I'll do the portraits in colour from now on. 

This turned out better than I expected. It's still shitty, but not the worst I did so far!

Also this:
Arm holding the hat won! Whoooo.
I don't like the face that much. After I redo it tommorow, it's time to start paining.


Irregularlies #181

Better than the last time, but still there's a lot to learn.

I also did some quicker studies of heads at weird angles. Looks like I can manage a head from above, but from below it becomes a diseaster. Need to work on that.

Aaaand I started sketching that cowgirl thing:

Aside from the choice of thumb (yep, the second one was better) I didn't take none of you guyses ideas into account. That semen collector thing was neat, but not this time. 

I could use some ideas as to what to do with her left arm. I want it to be visible, because muscles bot I don't want it to cover anything. Humm.


Irregularlies #180

One day break was enough to make me lazy again. Today I just sketched some faces to see if all of the face studies are giving any effect.

Overall drawing the head from imagination got easier and faster, as long as I use neutral angles. If I try to draw a head from above, or below I am starting to fuck up. You know what this means? 

Studies of heads at extreme anglesssss



Around 36 slots filled in 2 days. Yaaay I am popular

This is gonna be a busy couple of months.

Also no Irregularlies today. I think this will be the first day since beginning of december when I will not draw at all. Weird. 

Commission: Purgy

I am getting through your commission e-mails. There's just so many of them, give me time. So far everybody that sent me an e-mail get's a slot so don't worry about that. I should respond to everybody tommorow.



Irregularlies #179

Well, you can't win every time.

I am gonna take a break from doing portraits tommorow. And I'll probably also stop drawing the comic for a couple of days. I am starting to feel tired of it. And when I am tired of something I start doing it half assed. We can't have that.

And speaking of the comic, I decided to redo page #4. I really hate how it came out. The individual panels themselves aren't bad, but as a whole it just stinks. I was trying to stick too much into one page. So I broke it down into two pages. Here's the new page #4

As you can see it's pretty much the upper half of the old #4. Page #5 will be the bottom half. With the fingers in the butts, and the dicks with the cum and the stuff.

So what am I gonna be doing for the next couple of days? This thing:

I want to do that muscly dickgirl painting and I'd like to try doing it like the comic, posting WIP's every day. 

The idas for this one is basically, another muscly cowgirl with a dong. But this time it's human type dick, not a horsecock. I am kinda over that. I want her laying on the hay, jacking off and being all sweaty. So far I did these two quick painting thumbnails to try some different angles. I am not sure which one I like better.

If you guys have any comments about the thumbs, or ideas on how to imporoove let me know. But don't go crazy. This is gonna be a simple thing to practice painting.

Now that I look at it, I forgot to paint her the cowboy hat. Some chaps or.. oo a red bandana around her neck or something. Weee the possibilities.


Irregularlies #178

Today's portrait turned out pretty neat. Today, before I started painting spent a couple of minutes staring at the photo, and analysing it, marking proportions etc.. Really helped a lot when painting later. I alredy knew how far apart the features were etc. 

I could use 5 more minutes to move stuff around and fix some mistakes, tho. I still have a lot to improove.

I also did some quick vintage pin up studies. I really love them. I need to do more of these.

No comic today. I did some inking on page #4, but not enough to warrant the time it would take to save it and upload here. I'll have more for you tommorow.

Commission: Fight of the century

Open for commissionsss


Irregularlies #177

Today's portrait is pretty bad

First, I tried painting it upside down to force myself to look at it not as a face, but as a series of shapes and forms and fuck knows what. That did not work out too well! What the fuck. I gave up after 15 minutes... 

I started over, and this time I decided to take reaaally carefull measurements. This resulted in a least accurate portrait I've done so far. Fuuuck

So fuck trying new things, I am sticking to my usuall methods. I will get more accurate eventually.

As for the comic:

I am tired of this page for now. I'll start inking #3 tommorow.


I just noticed that 7th panel looks like Eliot lost her car keys in Sam's ass and now she's trying to get them out. Sexy.

This page is my least favourite so far. 


Commission: Mio Diak-Daikam-Dakyamu... Sexy pillow thing

Based off that adult Mio pic I did a long time ago:

Irregularlies #176

Another faaace

I think I know what's my problem with these. I can't measure worth shit. I need to find a way to fix that.

I also tried doing a whole body in 30 minutes. 

Fun. I'll try it agian tommorow.

Oh and of course:

Not a lot of progress.


Irregularlies #175

I don't have a lot of time to draw today, so again, only this thing:

Way better than last time, but still not there. Painting seems to be a lot more suited for this exercice,than drawing. 

I'll hopefully resume work on the comic tommorow.


Irregularlies #174

I am taking it easy today, so no comic.


I decided that I need to work on drawing faces, so I am starting another idiotic challenge that I will surely regret!

100 half hour portraits!

No wait that will kill me.

Let's start with 10!

Here's the first one. I don't know who this woman is, but I am pretty sure she's some sort of a celebrity.


I like the idea of doing a portrait in 30 minutes. It's enough time so I don't have to rush, but not enough to tinker and fix everything I got wrong. Which means that I have to get it right from the start and that's something I have a really hard time with. 


Irregularlies #173

Doop de dop

Aaand getting started on page #4

I am somewhat afraid that the next to last panel will turn out ugly and confusing. 


Irregularlies #172

More mussles

I didn't like how the first panel looked, so I drew it again from scratch.


irregularlies #171

Muscly tummies!

I wanna paint a muscle girl... Soon...

As for the comic:

Meh. The faces are giving me trouble. Need to work on them more.


Irregularlies #170

Whooo skintoneees

AAand also I've done the roughs for page #3. 



Commission: Amber's Encounters #4

Aaand part 4/4!

This one is considerably less gay than the previous one. Although not really. You're watching 3 people with dicks having sex. You faaagsss


Irregularlies #169

Not a lot I can show you today. I've finished roughs for the next two pages. I think.

#3 stays the same, but I've done some changes to #4

Also I've done some studies, but not the kind that I like showing. Some very loose and rough anatomical stuff.


Commission: Amber's Encounters #3

Part 1/2 (or maybe 3/4) of a recent commission.

Irregularlies #168

Work on the comic is going slow. I decided to extend the blowjob scene to be two pages, instead of one. Which means that I have to script them from scratch.

Here's what I've got so far. 

-Eliot is sucking dat dick
-Sam tries to push her down because he's horny
-She's like "Hell naw, you're not doing that"
-Instead she starts fingering his ass
-Boom headshot.

I am pretty happy with how the 3rd page looks. I am a little bit worried that 80% of the page are just 3 shots of Eliot with a dick in her mouth. Kinda monotonous. I might try to squeeze in a reaction shot of Sam somewhere around the 2nd panel.

I like the content of the 4th page, but the panel composition is dull. I think that the top right part is too busy. I might do away with Sam's reactions, and do only one shot of Elies fingers getting in the butt.

I am open to critique on these. 


Irregularlies #167

Pages #1 and #2 are done. Tommorow I'll start sketching the next two. 



Irregularlies #166

Even more inacurate environment studies!

Page #1 finished (unless I made some new spelling errors):

I tried to trim down the dialogue a bit, and make Sam less whiny. Also, yes I do love giving my characters non gender specific names.

I also did the first draft of the dialogue for the second page. 

It's also pretty wordy. But the next 4 pages will have considerably less talking and more action, so I think that's fine. Gotta establish them characters first.


Commission: Cinema cum

Aaand part 2/2!

Irregularlies #165

Guess who's slacking off on dialogue again? Meeee

But first, some loose environment studies!

I am trying to get out of my comfort zone a bit. I don't feel comfortable doing that.

There's also this:

I need to buckle down and take care of the dialogue for pages #1 and #2. I find it really hard to do that. It's another thing outside of my comfort zone.