Irregularlies #163

Fuck colour, I am doing this comis in black and white. I can't get it to look right in colour. It's a lot harder than I imagined. I'll do this story in b&w and try the next one coloured. At least I'll try.

I am sure some of you will be dissapointed, but I prefer to do a nice looking black and white comic, than a shitty coloured one. 

Anyway, halftone patterns! Whooo. I always loved the look of them in mangas, but I never had a reason to use them in my work before. Untill now.

This page is pretty much done. I'll add the revised dialogue tommorow. I really like how it looks, even if it's infinitely simplier than the coloured version.

I am really surprised, how much the halftones add to the comic. They are just so pleasant to look at and great for dividing the frame into foreground and background. Imma abuse the shit out of them on the next pages and you can't do nothing about it.

Oh and yesterday I accidentaly posted an unfinished version of the Gillian Anderson study. Here's the finished one: 


  1. If you're doing color, it might be easier to use cel shading than outright painting.

  2. I'm digging the B&W, it seems more classy in a way.

  3. Magnifique comme toujour

  4. This means that the comic will be finished sooner than expected :D

    And yes, the halftones are fucking epic^^

    I'm probably gonna go nazi on your dialogue though, moahaha

  5. Maybe you should have someone else color it for you

    1. Lol. Master isn't even done coloring the previous comic...

  6. The black and white is a great idea, because if you ever do a comic for sale, you can finish it a lot quicker.

  7. yes black and white its good idea because its old misitry and new thought totaly mix