Irregularlies #162


In the end I decided to make this comic in colour. I am sure I will come to regret this decision.

Looks like we're halfway there with colours. Everything looks shitty.

I should have put more thought into lighting this scene before I started sketching it. I think I will have to add a desk lamp to make the lighting at least slightly logical.

I am still using the shitty dialogue just to see how it looks with colour. It's gonna be reworked.


  1. Very good work! what software you use?

  2. Superb work, I sent you a mail but you did not answer, have you received?

  3. I enjoyed it, but quick note, she says "three times alredy".

    Grammar nazi needs accurate spelling to maintain arousal.

  4. InCaaase, have you gotten my emails? o3o

  5. Pretty good job so far. But I completely agree with you. The scene could definitely use more lighting in it.

  6. Is that page comic finished? if it is, I have a lot to criticize.
    if it is not finished, I just draws your attention on some details:
    the color of the wall is ... disgusting.
    the colors look flat and dry
    the dick looks more like a lollipop or popscicle than a real penis

  7. The only thing that might best be changed is the lighting and/or background coloration. I just think it's a little too dark.
    Otherwise, looks great.