Irregularlies #179

Well, you can't win every time.

I am gonna take a break from doing portraits tommorow. And I'll probably also stop drawing the comic for a couple of days. I am starting to feel tired of it. And when I am tired of something I start doing it half assed. We can't have that.

And speaking of the comic, I decided to redo page #4. I really hate how it came out. The individual panels themselves aren't bad, but as a whole it just stinks. I was trying to stick too much into one page. So I broke it down into two pages. Here's the new page #4

As you can see it's pretty much the upper half of the old #4. Page #5 will be the bottom half. With the fingers in the butts, and the dicks with the cum and the stuff.

So what am I gonna be doing for the next couple of days? This thing:

I want to do that muscly dickgirl painting and I'd like to try doing it like the comic, posting WIP's every day. 

The idas for this one is basically, another muscly cowgirl with a dong. But this time it's human type dick, not a horsecock. I am kinda over that. I want her laying on the hay, jacking off and being all sweaty. So far I did these two quick painting thumbnails to try some different angles. I am not sure which one I like better.

If you guys have any comments about the thumbs, or ideas on how to imporoove let me know. But don't go crazy. This is gonna be a simple thing to practice painting.

Now that I look at it, I forgot to paint her the cowboy hat. Some chaps or.. oo a red bandana around her neck or something. Weee the possibilities.


  1. I like the gowgirl angle on the left. From that perspective and angle it looks like someone just walked in on her jacking off. It gives her more of a reason to rub one out while no one's looking (or does she like being watched...).

    Maybe have one of those farmer's fake vaginas -dont remember tne specific name - they use for horse breeding and semen collecting lying next to her, already with cum running out of it.

  2. Hi Incase !

    I shall prefer the angle of right, this view that would give more depth to its action.
    She would have to be alone, natural and perspiring would be really exciting.
    In my opinion, it would be better that she has her look concentrated on her masturbation
    An attractive muscular futa-farmer, naked in the hay shaking, there is nothing more stimulant ^^.

  3. Definitely include tight leather chaps and I like how Anonymous is thinking with the cock milker idea. Also Incase, I've noticed you keep disparaging your ability to draw those facial portraits. They certainly aren't the greatest but they aren't bad. But check out those sketches you do, those are always fantastically done, clearly you are only getting better and not worse.

  4. The right thumbnail is better. The focal point of the image (which we'll assume for the moment is her crotch) is (1) in the immediate foreground and (2) in different lighting conditions to the rest of the body, emphasising the focus. Furthermore, foreshortening lets you get away with wilder proportions.
    ...Maybe have her throw her head back? No artistic reason, just personal preference.

  5. Mmh.. Muscly futas. My favorite. Feel free to do as maaany of these as you want!

  6. I prefer the angle on the right and i really like how your thinking with the lighting and also what the another anon said with the used horse masturbater laying on the side maybe it could be a after-jack pic and she's sleeping in the hay and she's flaccid and still has a little cum dripping out idk just saying and i know you said your over it but a horse cock would be cool

  7. If you think that breaking up the pages in the comic makes for better pacing, then by all means go for it! Just don't give up on the comic, we're all supporting you!!

  8. i can't resist to add my own fetish to that ...

    Tanlines are so sexy , nothing more hot than a tanned girl with alabaster breasts !