Irregularlies #176

Another faaace

I think I know what's my problem with these. I can't measure worth shit. I need to find a way to fix that.

I also tried doing a whole body in 30 minutes. 

Fun. I'll try it agian tommorow.

Oh and of course:

Not a lot of progress.


  1. You fixed the shrinkage issue in the last panel, you've got her expanding crotch showed off several times, and both their faces are lively enough that we don't even need context to know what's going on!

    Not a lot of progress, you say? WRONG - Excellent work and progress!

  2. Your measuring comment - do you ever draw with a grid overlay? Its great when trying to account for spatial proportions, and that may help with lighting direction or physical placement.

    1. I never tried that. I think using it would defeat the purpose of these studies. I want to, among other things, develop my measurement skills. If I used a grid I would get a more accurate portrait, but I think I would gain a lot less from the study.

    2. InCase is right. I believe that drawing with grids turns the art process from something creative into something that's more scientific/mathematical and defeats being able to learn to eyeball measurements. It takes the artistic freedom out of art.

    3. Why not draw some of the details upside down? Its helped me spot some oddities with my work and it could help you.

    4. antonio , you have the WEIRDEST fetish ever ! only girls upside down , really ?!!

  3. Wow... You just did art based on Emma Watson and on Jenni Lee.
    I could not be more of your fan right now.

  4. Now if only that emma pick can be in porn/hentai form..