Irregularlies #172

More mussles

I didn't like how the first panel looked, so I drew it again from scratch.


  1. Good call on the change, the way her right hand had disappeared and reappeared after he shoved her head onto his cock bothered me. The "I'm gonna get you" look on her face makes me excited. I bet her crotch is throbbing away at that point.

  2. Why are u exercitizing on muscle girl, if u don't like to draw the to start whit? you know, you are not forced to draw whit dmitrys's style (i like ur more :P)

    1. Where did you get the idea that I don't like muscle girls? I fucking love muscle girls! Here's a couple that I drew for fun in 2012:

      Not to mention that I often get commissioned to draw muscly gals (and guys).

      Plus, Dmitrys draws a very specific kind of muscly girls. Ultra bukly and ultra slutty. I can find my own niche.

  3. this rough sketch is just.... perfect, good drawing , good dynamic wow ... huge huge huge sketch

    panel 4 is insanly well made , the less you modify it on the nexts levels of drawing , the better...
    i think the loose hair can upgrade the sexy parameter from "very high" to "fury mode"

    this sketch is now my favorite art of yours !

    (maybe just a little up on the Elliot breasts size)

  4. i have one question about the "mussles" studie .

    for the color of your draws , do you pick up the colors from the original image , or do you use the color board ?

    1. I pick the colours myself. It's the only way to develop your colour perception. Or whatever it's called.

      Sometimes, if I have a really hard time getting the same colour as the study, I use the colour picker on the study to see how far off I am. But then I reset the colour picker, and try to get the right hue/saturation myself.

  5. I knew I recognized the arm in the top left of the muscle sketch - that's Linda Minard! Your shading catches her muscle tone extremely well. She'd look even better with some larger breasts and a cock; she'd make for a yummy futa.

  6. Elliot is pretty hot when she's upset...just saying.