Irregularlies #186.5

Today, I took a day off from working on commissions and did two things. Played my HC Maruder in Path of Exile and finished the cowgirl. And by finished, I mean pick at it, untill I am sick of it:

I added an alternative version where her eyes are half closed. It's either very hot or very derpy. Can't decide.

Thanks to everybody who took their time to comment on the WIP's. I feel that this pic would turn out, at least 20% worse if I didn't have your input. I was looking for a good way to involve the readers of this blog in the creative process and I think this is the best way. You get to say what you'd like to see, but in the end I draw what I want. Everybody wins!... Except for the people whose suggestions I ignored. Oh well.

Looks like this one will be a blog exclusive for a couple of days. I just uploaded that greed image to HF, and I like to space my uploads apart.


  1. Oh yes it's absolutely magnificent.
    The cum is really well realized, and it's a pity that she has not on sound attractive face.
    In any case, bravo mister Incase!
    An exellent work, you fill me.

  2. Wonderful! That's an impressive cumshot/orgasm she's having; I hope she has a lucky someone to share that tool with. Thinking about someone getting filled by it makes me randy... Only negative I'd say is that the balls may have been proportionally a bit small, and the Megan Fox thumb wrapped around her cock :/ However, if this process of design-and-draw based on reader input is any indication, your commissions and comic series will go smoothly. Keep 'em cunning!

  3. the new hair looks good, no seaweed look... very very nice

  4. Her thumb is a bit wide (unless there's something in the depth I'm missing). Otherwise, godly. Cum drenched abs have never looked better.

  5. this is really good, one of your hottest pics so far. I gotta nitpick on one thing though - the tanlines. They are hot as hell, but there is a bit of incongruity: on her right shoulder it looks like the strap of a tank top, but on her left shoulder, the tanline goes partway down her arm, as if she were wearing a t-shirt. It by no means ruins it for me (I'm gonna fap a lot anyway) but I thought you might like to know, because it's inconsistent

  6. I think the eyes half closed version is very hot. Great work, all of it.

  7. Looks muscular but not manly. Excellent work! Shows how much dmitrys sucks nowadays.

  8. Lovely muscular lady, just the way I like them! Her cock is wonderfully huge, and I really, really like the half-lidded look. It came out very well. I especially love the thickness of the cum and the massive amount shooting out. And to think, she is still going, even with so much already covering her sexy body? =D

    Wonder what it would be like when she is finished or goes for a second round. God I would love to ride a fem-stallion like that, to be filled by so much cum. Pussy quivering just thinking about it. *^_^*

    You are my new hero! Only thing I mighta wished for was some covering her face/chin/mouth as well, as if she was sucking it or maybe a strong shot hit her by surprise. Again, this is me projecting tho.

    Love it!

  9. You know, on some level it turns me on that other people are fapping to this as much as I am, and particularly that they enjoy the massive amount of cum as much as I do!

    "Only thing I mighta wished for was some covering her face/chin/mouth as well, as if she was sucking it or maybe a strong shot hit her by surprise. Again, this is me projecting tho."


  10. Damn swee~eet! Great job! <3

  11. it might be just me, but it looks like the cum versions have a very light yellow filter over them.

  12. So do you draw anything non-futa nowadays? Not to be ungrateful but I miss seeing vaginas, non-futa versions would be nice now and then

    1. Right now I am working on 5 commissions that are featuring vaginas... Although one of them is a futa without balls, and in one the pussy is not even visible, but still.

      Also, didn't you see these three?

      I draw a lot of pics with vagoos. You guys are just so obsessed with cock that you don't see them :P

  13. Ow, my jaw...it hit the floor rather hard...InCase, this is faptastic!

  14. Glad to see you went with natural hair after all - and for the "main" version too!
    It's just somehow so fitting on her (and just generally goddamn hot :D)

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