Irregularlies #182

I think I'll do the portraits in colour from now on. 

This turned out better than I expected. It's still shitty, but not the worst I did so far!

Also this:
Arm holding the hat won! Whoooo.
I don't like the face that much. After I redo it tommorow, it's time to start paining.


  1. You know I like your art and all, faces included, but you have a tendency to draw the exact same facial features on a lot of different characters, namely the eyes squinting and biting the lower lip. Could you try the lips being slightly puckered like she's saying "OOOOOOOOH YEAH SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM" and the eyes being wide open and angry looking like she's spanking her monkey for being a spoiled rotten brat.

  2. I like your art tremendously, specifically for the way you do it in YOUR style. It's fantastic that you push yourself and open yourself for feedback, but don't sacrifice your style. And while I would have loved the more aggressive smoky/sultry look... yeehaw for HAPPY HAT HANDJOB! ; )

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  4. The image of the cowgirl is begun well ^^.
    I really approve a futa hairy, and I hope that there will be a lot of perspiration, anyway I think that you will make for us as usual one of these marvels =).
    However, I am against the pants.

  5. I love the studies, and you aced the colors and values as usual. But it's your least successful likeness to date. The likeness is really off, because it looks like a super generic girl, and nothing like Michelle Trachtenberg. It's missing her protruding long nose and full cheeks.

  6. The key to creating likenesses successfully is all about proportions. You don't even have to make the shapes (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) look exactly like the real thing as the long as the proportions are spot on. If the proportions are off, the portrait just ends up looking generic.

  7. The cowgirl is fantastic but I personally find the hairy arms to be a real erection defuser.

    1. I can go either way, but I do prefer less hair on any sort of fap material. Any chance of alternate versions like the loads and loads of versions you do for commissions?