Irregularlies #169

Not a lot I can show you today. I've finished roughs for the next two pages. I think.

#3 stays the same, but I've done some changes to #4

Also I've done some studies, but not the kind that I like showing. Some very loose and rough anatomical stuff.


  1. Love the bulge in the top right panel, hope its throbbing. Also is that lump btwn her legs in the top left her bulge too, hard to tell. I suggest with the bottom left Eliot should either be gripping her knob in view or leave her hand there and show her tent peaking above her thigh.

    Ungh I hope her meaty cock outshines her sub she's currently sucking.

  2. I can picture Eliot already filling both of his holes with cum and cock then painting his back with a litre of jizz! With a body breasts and cock like that, and that sultry look on her face, Shi looks like she can be a cum geyser!

  3. Glad you accept input and critique from what are basically internet strangers. Shows that you have true class and actively listen and care about your fans. Mad respect.

    my only thought that if her fingers hit his prostate, he'd cum so much and hard that anything she wasn't able to swallow would spray out from her lips and cascade onto her tits. He'd then be punished for making such a gooey mess ;)

  4. Hmmm, how about switching the top right and bottom left panels? I think the shot of her bulging cock should be a physical reaction of him cumming in her mouth and her swallowing it. So its like he cums, and she grows real hard from it.