Commisions open!

I alredy have a couple lined up so you won't get anything done right away, but if you want to get on the queue go here:

I need to do a formal queue somewhere on this blog.


Sketch Challange #7

AAand done. My internet broke down again yesterday evening, but I finished the sketch on time. While waiting for the internets to work again I coloured it.

It's the return of the gaaay. Manly!

Seven days (well, eight, but shut up.), seven sketches, fourteen people. It was hard, especially the last two when I started feeling burned out, but it was worth it. I learned a lot about my drawing process, and dropped off a few unnececary habits. I also know what I have to work on next. Year 2012 will be a busy one :)

I will definitely do something like this again. 


Sketch Challange #6

This one is all right. One more to go! 

No, I don't know why would anyone want to have sex in a corset.

Sketch Challange #5

My internet went down yesterday, but I still finished the piece on time. Totally counts.


Today's one in a couple of hours


Sketch Challange #4

This one was fast! Am I actually learning something from this challange, or did I just finally warm up after 4 days?

That fisting hand is bad. I really need to do some hand studies after I finish this week.

Sketch Challange #3

This one I definitely like :). A return of the red Oni. Aand turns out she is a proper futa. What a twist!

OC's are fun. I need to do more of that.

It's been a long time since I drew a guy without a dick or a dildo anywhere inside his body. Weird.


Sketch Challange #2

Meeh. I don't like this one. But a challange is a challange!

Made me realise that I waste 50% of the time on correcting my mistakes instead of refining and polishing. I need to focus more in the initial stages of the sketch. 


Sketch Challange #1

Today I've realised that I really, really need to do more sketches. For many reasons.
So, for the next seven days I will do a daily sketch of two people having sexy times. Here's the first one:

Two people, that are not women, having bum sex! Wonderfull!