Sketch Challange #1

Today I've realised that I really, really need to do more sketches. For many reasons.
So, for the next seven days I will do a daily sketch of two people having sexy times. Here's the first one:

Two people, that are not women, having bum sex! Wonderfull!


  1. Awesome sketch, I look forward to more of the "sexy times" sketchs

  2. This is one of the best things you have ever done.

  3. this is fuckin excellent!! puleeease do more futa on male

  4. Fita on male! yay!

  5. I love futa on male.

    My lady and I recently started the idea of pegging and this genre is actually what made it worth wild for me to talk to her about it.

    REALLY WISH there were some Futa on Male VIDEOS or some like series thing.

    I would love to get something like those and especially if they're mixed with other varieties too.