Weekly Painting #2

Yep, you sure do love horsecawks on the girls. She got 52% of the 122 votes. 



Oh yeah I finished this thing like a year ago. Whoops.

Daily sketchings #9

Seems like this week has an animal girl theme, so I just went with it.


Daily sketchings #8

Something less porny this time

I feel that this one is finished. I will most likely not gonna colour it.


Daily sketchings #7

Since she's supposed to be 17 in the beggining of the first season, let's say this is set a year in the future ;)

She spent the year working on her abs.


Daily sketchings #6

Inspired by the latest Nana to Kaoru chapters. Catgurrrls.


Weekly paintings #1

I don't get enough (or any for that matter) painting commisions, so I'll just make these weeklys painted. Why not. This week sketch #1 won by one vote. Yaaay. Good thing it was the simpliest one because I am feeling really lazy today.


Daily sketchings #5

I crashed pretty hard yesterday. Couldn't draw shit. I read Gunnm all day. Hence this:

At first I wanted to draw a random android/cyborg, but midway through I decided to just make her Gally...esque.


Daily sketchings #4

My original idea was to not refine these sketches in any way, but I just can't help myself. I have to do some tones.


Daily sketchings #3

Inspired by Kami Tora's ridiculous bigdickery


Daily sketchings #2

An effeminate fella being bummed by a fat hairy guy. Why not.


A pretty foolish challenge #1

I am sure I will regret starting this one. 

I don't feel like writing a lot right now so I'll just discribe the basics:
-Every day a sketch of one or two characters
-No shading, no refining, just enough to ink
-Once a week I choose the best sketch to colour
-No end date on this one

So I am basically trying to make my life harder for no reason. Yay