Daily sketchings #7

Since she's supposed to be 17 in the beggining of the first season, let's say this is set a year in the future ;)

She spent the year working on her abs.

-I wanted to get tommorow's sketch out of the way to focus on commisions. Yeah right, that's gonna happen.
-I know it's futile but I still support Bolin over that other guy.
-I think the guy on the right is way to big. I screw up proportions in damn near every picture I draw. I need to watch that more carefully.
-Damn her face kinda stinks. If I end up painting this one I'll definitely rework it. 


  1. Is that Korra? From Avatar: TLA? She's hot as fuck...seeing her older is a little weird.

    As for the proportions; shit looks fine, yo. Relax...you're being overly critical.

  2. Trying not to read the spoilers... :D

    She looks awesome! ^^

  3. Why am I not following this blog yet?

  4. The best picture of all time.