Daily sketchings #4

My original idea was to not refine these sketches in any way, but I just can't help myself. I have to do some tones.

-I really dig doing these sketches every morning before starting on commisions. But that does not leave me with much time to do any studies or exercices. I'll have to rethink this chall3nge. Right now I am leaning towards 4 days of sketches, 2 days of studies, and one day to ink/colour a sketch.
-IF I end up not doing any more sketches this week, from the sketches I did so far, which one would you guys like to see finished? I might just do a vote each week to pick.


  1. I dig it, but I feel like something is off with the hips. Like they're stretched or something.

    1. Yeah, her midsection is noticeably too long. Should have noticed it sooner.

  2. Personally, I would vote for sketch #3

  3. I vote for Sketch #1. Sketch #4 comes close but the feet, and lack of the nipple showing push it down in my humble opinion.

  4. I'd have to say sketch 2.

  5. LOVE this one. Submissive muscular trans girl in a big pool of her own cum? Can't get much better than that. Nice tattoos too!