Daily sketchings #6

Inspired by the latest Nana to Kaoru chapters. Catgurrrls.

-I really like how this one came out. Pretty tight.
-I am really having fun with this style of sketching. It has a very finished look. And if I paid more attention to the line quality I could just colour this without inking. 
-I just realised that since she's not using her feet to support her weight she's off balance. Ugh.


  1. Hm...Well she COULD be leaning forward and is about to fall? :P
    I think you're right though, this style of sketching seems really awesome :)

  2. I too am liking the way this came out! (Though to be fair I've always personally taken a shine to styles like this as well ;^__^) Particularly liking the face though, and the overall values -- that spackle brush does a good job of adding more texture to it without unbalancing the more flatly-shaded parts.

    (Also I'd totally believe that the gravity just got shut off (also that the chain is magnetized to the floor))

    (Also I did not meant to write so much, but yes, it is good! Faster and looser but still has a level of polish! =X)

  3. Alternately, kneepads.

  4. In the interests of science,I was actually able to pull off nearly the same pose. It wasn't comfortable, but I balanced it. Granted, I don't have nearly as much weight on my chest.

  5. This is stunning. Despite the sketchy look, IMHO is one of the most arousing pics you ever done. ^^

  6. Oh please lord have Mercy, colorize this one - and maybe do a few more? LOVE IT!