Irregularlies #187

Only studies today. I'll be back to working on the comic tommorow.

Quick 15 minute figures from photos. I want to do more portraits but I can't neglect the rest of the body. I need to up my everyday study time.

Oh, also I started a tumblr. Gotta reach that sweet tumblr audience!


I need to upload some older stuff. Eeeeh


  1. Yay for tumblr!! now I can reblog everything directly from you!! Make sure to put your own blog as the 'content source' every time though so that when people click it, it goes straight to your blog.

  2. I swear I check this site like everyday haha. It's my top visited website.

  3. it's cool that there is no tool to see the number of visit to your blog , when i see that on a blog i always think , that narcisist blogger is happy to show us how important he is .

    i'm not a fan of tumblr a little because of that .

    i'm not saying that it s a bad idea to go on tumblr , on contrary ,more your art is gaining in visibility, better it is. but beware of Ego trap (the multiple versions for satisfy the most viewer is also a trap in my opinion , unless you make one primary art regardless of your fan (exept for the commisionner of course ^^), then eventually add some versions if you think it 's revelent)