Irregularlies #188

Today I tried this neat texture study thing I found on /ic/ some time ago:

Even if I look at photos, they come out so cartoony. I'll need to pay closer attention next time.

Also the comic is back whoooo

Drawing comics is hard. And my style being rather complex doesn't help either. For example the way I draw and ink hair for stand alone pictures is just too damn time consuming for comics. I need to figure out how to simplify my style for the comics, without sacreficing too much. 


  1. Think about that for a little bit - your drawing style is so good, you have to dumb it down sometimes! That's a problem most of us would love to have...

  2. I think I know why you beat yourself up over faces and styles: its the eyes. You have the ability to portray the emotions of a scene just by looking at a characters eyes. This is made even more so with your latest comic update. Even without most of the facial detail being drawn, the eyes are already telling the story. Once they are done, of course its hard to get the rest of the face to accompany the eyes. You draw them so well it can be considered a curse.

    Try this next time you do a face study ( if you already haven't), draw the same face twice. One with the eyes drawn in first, one with the eyes last. See which one is harder/better in the end.

  3. Those textures look amazing, I should really give that a go.

  4. In response to the textures, if your style is cartoony don't bust your nuts when something turns out looking cartoony.

  5. Cartoony is your style, man. Don't try to turn it into something it's not and don't beat yourself up because textures don't look "real". Those textures remind of games like Torchlight and Bastion. They look really good.

  6. Judging by the length of his cock in the bottom panel, wouldn't her throat bulge out a little when he shoves her head down his cock? Maybe it's hard to tell without the shading being addet yet.

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  8. Wow, I didn't know you browse 4chan incase. Ever been to /co/? We regularly have drawthreads where people take up quickie requests to draw characters. I find it a good way to practice. Not sure if you already knew about that.

    Love how the comic's progressing. I cant give any useful input on your style conundrum. It might just be something you have to work at until you're satisfied.

  9. i like the "ice" texture so much , but frankly a lot of your textures are alike

    1. HAHA! I see what you did there!

  10. I agree with the other commenters - your eyes are really great.

    And while I know you're on a schedule, don't feel like you need to rush for us. Your style is great, and I really like it (I'm sure we all do, or else we wouldn't be here commenting!). Feel free to take your time. This comic looks like it's going to be both well-drawn and fap-worthy when you're done.

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