Irregularlies #192

Since I am done with that batgirl animation I wanted to start the next one. This time it's gonna be a dickgirl jacking off. Nothing too complex. I decided to go with a Twi'lek because I am not ready to get into animating hair. 

Halfway through sketching it I realised that the pose is boring. I'll start over tommorow with a more interesting angle. Or a totally different concept, who knows.

I also have some WIP's of a commission I am working on... Dickssss

I remmember my previous painting commissions being really hard and frustrating. Not this one. All of these fucking painting studies are paying off. 


  1. Good (and arousing) work as to be expected!

    Amusing sidenote: I thought the demon girl was sucking herself off till I got a closer look. ^^;

    1. Same here, but it's alright like this. We'll just imagine she also has a pair of cocks getting serviced off-panel.

      Love the high-visibility colors on her arms and lips. Turn off the lights and watch some phantom limbs from a succubus go to town on your cock!

  2. Oh Gawd. Can't wait to see the finished product...
    That luminescence^^

    The lightning needs a little glare too...
    Oh, yeah, the left(from our perspective) seems to have a weird angle, as if it is pointing forward.

  3. Oh gosh yes, futa Twi'lek fapping...I love you InCase!

  4. please do the fapping futa twi'lek.