Irregularlies #198

Naked butts:

Aaand started inking page #4. 

I need to keep closer attention to anatomy and proportions in the next pages. There are some screwups on this page. 


  1. Careful with the shape of her hand and fingers in the middle frame, this is something I also noticed in yesterdays sketch. I assume its supposed to be her left hand going in, but the finger lengths/angle and absence of an indication of a thumb made it look like her right hand was in his ass. Making the index finger longer or pinkie shorter would be an easy fix.

    One other suggestion - her fingertips hitting his prostate would make Sam go cross eyed in the bottom left panel ;)

  2. Surprise buttsex? >.>

    Just had to say it. Love the look on his face.

  3. I wish more artists payed as much attention to anatomy and the quality of their drawings as you.