Irregularlies #190

Sorry for the lack of updates, my internet went down for a couple of days.

I have some goodies for you:

I've been learning blender because I wanted to try animating my pictures like this guy. Two days ago, right before my internet crapped out I decided to finally try doing one of these myself. I quickly painted a simple blowjob pic:

I really should crop it.

I aided myself with tutourials and the user manual for blender in the beggining but after I lost my connection I had to go blind. That's my excuse for why it looks shitty ;)

Click for better quaity. It's 2,5mb so it might thake a while to load.

I think this is not that bad for my first attempt. 

Things left to do:
-Make the eyes follow the camera
-Make the mouth wrap around the dick
-Animate the cheeks so she's actually sucking.

I have no idea how to do any of these. Wheee

Also I did these hand studies, and made some progress on the comic:


  1. It's still fucking awesome, despite your own complaints about it.

  2. yeah uhh fuck you too much talent whining about something that looks better than amazing just please never stop doing art

    1. This artist actually sounds more like http://konashion.blogspot.com who doesn't as much whine as is constantly trying to do better even though his or her work is awesome already. ... a lot of successful artists are like that.

      oh and Incase... konashion is constantly working on this blowjob animation game with numerous revisions and additions. I'd suggest looking at it if you have the time. It might help you with your own work.

  3. Hot damn, that's a smooth animation. If you ever open up for animation commissions, my wallet would spontaneously fly out of my pocket and crash into my monitor. You thought about going back to your 'greatest hits' collection of paintings and animating them? Your recent cowgirl painting is a prime candidate for some animated jacking and spooging.

    BTW, with your current plan or storyboard, what's the estimate on the number of pages for this comic?

  4. That's the greatest GIF I've ever seen.

  5. Mr. INCASE , i have the feeling that something disturb you in your comic , am i wrong ?

    sit back on the div..i mean.. on the blog , and let's discuss about it, would you ?

  6. You are one awesome mother fucking artist you are the best there is hands down (cock up) i love you and you will be da greatest there ever lived

  7. everytime a nice thing to see new good stuff or yours
    I am not into that futa, so something like you batgirl is allways welcome ;)

    about the animation stuff:
    there are some color errors within the gif, which sadly disturb the whole viewing pleasure

    I don't know for what exactly you are going to use blender, but it's the most difficult 3D program to learn by your own
    I had a workshop a whole week and got into it quite well
    when you know the shortcuts, you can work really fast with it
    but it is so huge and often unlogic
    I haven't done anything with it for some weeks, and after I got time again to work it, I couldn't get into it again because of the different interface (in comparison to other 3D software)
    I myself find Cinema4D quite good and easy, and there a lot of tutorials
    There is an student license for 1 1/2 years of the newest version
    no limitations of the program and after 1 1/2 years, there will be a new version available for students :P
    just "in case" you are interested :P

    how about flash animations?
    Rexxx does some quite good animations with it and I think he will answer some questions if you ask nicely :)


  8. for what it is, it's a really nice gif. The only thing I could say about it though is to adjust the lips so they stay tightly wrapped around for the entire movement.

  9. If ya need an extra reference for that blowjob here ya go.


  10. Congrats to your first GIF! :D

    To sinulate sucking use shape keys.. Google it and you'll learn pretty fast how to use it.

    To make eyes follow the camera you have to create eyeballs. Google for eye-rig.

    Keep it up!
    Cheers! corrado

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