Irregularlies #199

Some studies:

Aand progress on the comic. Page #4 should be done tommorow:

I really like how that butt is coming along.

Ps. What would be a good sound effect for a finger going in and out of the butt? 'Shlick'? That's more like a woman masturbating, tho. 


  1. Hmmm... barring sticking your own fingers in your ass and recording the sounds :P, I'd assume there's more of a popping sound of elastic depending on how tight his butthole gets. Maybe a 'Klsht' sound - some sort of 'k' sound effect tossed in there. Not an expert on butthole sounds outside of letting a few rip after I eat Indian food...

    Loving Eliots growing boner. Would be great if it grows larger than Sam while still being restrained by her pants. Would make for a great reveal to the audience/Sam when she pulls it out to show just how much trouble he is in for :D

  2. In regards to your studies, they're great. However, have you tried to do a study on a larger/fatter person? Don't know if having to draw a more softer, curvier body distant from their skeleton is easier or harder.

  3. *as usual.

    IF he was lubed up, shlick would totally work. If she's going in dry there pretty much won't be a sound beyond "OW SON OF A BITCH".

  4. Yeah i guess Shllick would work...
    I am missing the glasses but i guess your not finished yet :P
    Cant wait for each page to come out :D

  5. It's exactly the same sound as a velociraptor-shriek.

    That'd be fun, wouldn't it?

    But, as Anon-7:34 said earlier; no sound = dry hole

  6. since it wouldn't be shlick, perhaps shlunk?

  7. Yay, dialogue! Art is excellent, as usual. Here's my commentary.

    General graphic stuff:
    You forgot Ellie's glasses. She may have taken them off, but I personally think she looks hotter WITH glasses.

    Dialogue stuff:

    Sam: "Whoah, hey, what are you doing?"
    Ellie: "What you wanted. As usual." (Usual only has one 'l')
    Ellie: "You wanted me to get in DEEP."
    Sam: "Heh... Funny... I get it..."
    Sam: "I'm sorry for... uhm... trying to fuck your face, and stuff..."
    Sam: "Please don't freak out on me again..."
    Ellie: "Who's freaking out? We're just having FUN, aren't we? I thought you liked having FUN?"
    Sam: "Well, yeah. You know me. I'm always up for getting stuff in my ass."
    Ellie: "I know. It's one of the things I love about you."
    Sam: "...but right now you're kinda scarin-"
    Sam: "Ouch!"
    Ellie: "Hmm?"
    Sam: "Could you at least use some lube?"
    Ellie: "I thought you wanted me to get in DEEP?"
    Sam: "Well, yes, but-
    Ellie: "Yes, in your BUTT."
    Sam: "Mmmmmmngh..."
    Ellie: "What was that? Did you say you wanted me to go faster?"
    Sam: "Mn- aaaaagh!"
    Ellie: "I think you did!"
    Sam: "Aaaahn!"
    Ellie: "What's that? You want me to use FOUR fingers?"
    Sam: "Mmmm, I'm sorry!"
    Sam: "I got carried away! I won't do it again, I promise!"
    Ellie: "I'm going to MAKE you sorry, you little BITCH."

    Something like that, anyway. I'm just giving you my 2 cents, do with it what you will. :-)

    1. Yeah this one is really nice i guess