Commission: Mindfuck

Another one for Pantboy

Featuring Sinn4u's character Ariela and 2 random action babes being fucked by mind controling evil fuckmonsters. 



  1. "Mind Controlling Evil Motherfuckers."

    I like that. Because if you had called them Mind Flayers, or Illithid, I'd be upset. Mind Flayers don't have sexual reproductive organs.

    1. they could be Cthuloids, demonic followers of Cthulhu(long me hey reign) except for the squid face they can look like just aboot anything.

      Although once you see one, your mind would instantly be thrown into madness.

      On a more relevant and less-nerdy note. . .this is a pretty awesome piece!

    2. Actually Mindflayers are masters of flesh grafts, they could grow one that fullfills the task, while it transmits plasureable bursts to them psionically.

    3. While I am not familiar with any mindflayers having skills to flesh graft body parts, I do know that even if they did, it is not something they would most likely do or even want.
      They hold humans beneath their contempt and see them as vastly inferior, only useful as food. They would not bother grafting a sexual reproductive organ of a human onto themselves for any reason.

      There is a greater chance they are what Sthor mentioned they could be, although the term is Star Spawn of Cthulhu.
      The Star Spawn of Cthulhu are an extraterrestrial civilization of land-based octopus-like beings which colonized Earth sometime during the Paleozoic period and fought a long-lasting war against the Elder Things, eventually causing their opponent's withdrawal to the sea. They are not made out of ordinary matter at all, and seem to possess shape-shifting abilities to some degree.
      I think them being Star Spawn fits better, also reminds me of something I read in a book titled Cthulhurotica :)

    4. Cthulhu folk does not care about humanly pleasures either. Even less, I would think, being all transcendent.

      To me, this is just a fun heretical illithid cult that decided "what the hell, might just check what all that mammal sweaty stuff is all about".

    5. "Mind Flayers don't have sexual reproductive organs."

      "they could be Cthuloids, demonic followers of Cthulhu"

      "Actually Mindflayers are masters of flesh grafts, they could grow one that fullfills the task, while it transmits plasureable bursts to them psionically."


      Guys ! ... who care ? discuss about that on this topic is such a nonsense

      the artist himself talk about randomless demons , ok mind control + buccal tentacles are probably inspired by mindflyers (cool i dont see the old visons of mind-controlers -> a big head with external giantic brain) , but with pentagrams and blood candle...

      you can totally also discuss how much the chtulhu myth have inspired the artist (or not , what i see here is more a Clive Barker theme -and/or even a Capcom's bio-hazard theme) but please stop stun us by how proud you are about telling us how much you're fammiliar with Lovecraft .(it's still better than be familiar with JK Rowling so you re not comdemned to the tenth circle of hell )

      sorry for my english (aka sfme)

    6. Mind Flayers reproduce Asexually. They vomit a bunch of tadpoles into a pool. They have no need for sexual organs.

    7. Just to clear this up. If you are talking about DnD 3.5 Mindflayers/Illithids, they do in fact have genitals. The above mentioned "tadpole" vomiting is correct. Once they are 10 years of age said "tadpoles" are placed upon the ear of a sentient entity. They then burrow into the unfortunate's head and consume their brain and grow into sentience of their own. The "tadpole" will grow and replace the existing head along with modifying the body into the brain munching psychic terrors we know. Now while the body does undergo serious modification it does retain some of it's traits. The relevant ones to us being genitals. While they can't make more illithids with them they are certainly good for funsies [insert gratuitous eyebrow waggling here]. Also half-illithids. Good for those too.

  2. Why don't we just call them bloodsuckers and say the Zone is having one of those days?

    1. Когда у Зоны ЭТИ дни, кровососы отсасывают сталкеров с окончанием на лицо.

  3. My brain hath melted at yon awesome-epicness of thine picture, Pantboy is a genius and a good sport for commissioning something of somebody else's characters, it'd be quite an honor if one day he liked my characters enough to request something featuring them.

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  5. very plesent work on lights , and reflects , it accentuates the depth very well , the demon skin texture is great too ,looks like sharks skin !

    only one bad thing : they have 2 Boizinga , but they only use one ! what a waste !

    1. the walls are cool too ! but the floor is not dirty enough ^^

  6. somethin about a mind fuck i find sooo HOT!!
    and the 4 arms 2 cocks and tail is realli yummy!! (not to mention those mouth tentacles! giggle)

    Big Kiss


  7. This is awesome.

    The one thing I would have liked to see would be the two girls in the back holding each others' hands, instead of one clasping the other's wrist - would have given a feeling that they're both trying to hold on, but the pleasure... The pleasure!

    So yeah. Again, great work. Uh, I'll just go back to being quiet now.

  8. Great pic, could do without all the nerd whinging in the comment section.

  9. Awesome picture.

    I don't mean to be a bother but did you ever fix the pictures? I see you made a complaint about blogspot and I did notice a lot of compression artifacts in these. The hentai foundry picture is a lot bigger and higher quality. I noticed quite a few other pictures having this same issue too.

    I'd love to have the alt versions in higher quality.

  10. I'm a girl... and disgracefully very difficult to be turned on :'c... (only your porn/hentai can actually make it... so awesome)
    But this... this fucks with my mind (conveniently).
    Please, please continue doing these mind controling evil fuckmonsters.
    I'm so full of awe right now.