Irregularlies #164

Nope, no dialogue today. I felt more like finishing the sketch for page #2

Dialogue and inks for this one tommorow. Maybe. 


  1. Got to say I love your drawing style, very sexy looking characters. Keep up the good work.

  2. Looks great, but the F in the bottom left panel is upside down. Just thought i'd point that out before you finished it up. Can't wait to see it finished :D

    1. Aw shit, you're right. That's a pretty stupid mistake

  3. I know I pointed out that it looked like a P earlier, but, the the F should be widest at the top. I'd rather have it looking like a P than having it actually being a retarded F :P

  4. okay so, since the new LoTR buzz going on since the hobbit movie releasing, i rewatched them all. in the first movie when frodo and the galadriel lady of the wood go to the mirror, i kept thinking "this'd be some great futa-elf on hobbit action".

    i mean, come on. lady of the "wood"?

    think about it.

  5. Are you...ummm....going to finish that Korra gangbang picture sometime soon? Please don't hate me!