Daily sketchings #10

Let's begin week #3! This one will be DC chicks themed.


-I am not entirely happy with this one. Her pose is kinda unnatural. Like she's posing for porn. Oh well.
-I am taking it slow with commisions this week. Which also leaves me with more time to do these sketches. Every one should be fairly complex.
-I wanted to draw a picture with batgirl riding commisioner Gordon for a long time. The fact that he does not know that she's his daughter makes this extra hot (or creepy... your milage may vary)
-That cold thing turned out to be a false alarm.

Also I made a couple of progress shots.


  1. I love Batgirl but with Gordon just make it super creepy.I think you need to draw more comic girls but this picture is a let down

  2. I love Batgirl and with Gordon just make it super hot.I think you need to draw more comic girls and this picture is awesome.

  3. Batcest!

    I love seeing progress shots. Seeing how others work helps me think of ways to improve my own stuff.

  4. No need to be rude to each other. Here is an idea for all of the people that don't like the incest part there has been 4 Batgirls think of it as one of those. In my opinion I like this pic there both enjoying it and she is getting it in the ass so no harm done.

    I must say Incase Please Please Please draw more comic girls nobody does them like you

  5. Please, please make more of this series. Love wincest this is so hot. Really like the shehulk stuff as well!