Dailies #64

Shiggy diggy

Also I've started drawing a sketch comic.
It's about a dickgirl who has her dick sucked by a lady sticking out of a wall.

This page is not even half way done, but that's all I could do for today. A little explanation:
I fucking love comics. Be it manga, webcomics, western superhero, anything! That's why I kept drawing all these years, because I wanted to do comics. And I still do. But I just can't seem to do it. Over the years I've built up COMICS so big in my head that every time I sit down to script or draw anything with panels I freeze . I can sit down and draw for hours if it's anything else, but I am exhausted after an hour of drawing a comic. I guess that's fear of failure that's making it hard for me. If my comics suck then what the fuck was I doing all this time? Eh.

That's why that batman comic did not have a second part. And that pregnant lady comic failed. And that batgirl comic was not finished. And a 100 other projects never got off the ground.

That's partially why I started this blog, and my sketch/daily challenges. I wanted to build up my skills and discipline so it would be easier for me to get into comics. Also forcing myself to show unfinished and shitty drawings made me less anxious about failing. And it worked beautifully! I am generally more relaxed and confident about drawing lately. I feel that it's time to take another stab at drawing comics.

You know what this means, don't you. Another challenge! 

I vow to draw at least one panel of this stupid comic per day, untill it's complete.
Does not matter how shitty it turns out in the end, I am not gonna drive myself crazy with high expectations. 
Although I probably will

See you tommorow


  1. i m not sure of what to say to you , im a creative one too but also an unproductive one , an i think it s awesome to product 1 or more event each day on this blog like you do(an that the part i prefer even among your drawing skill)
    more time pass an more i think contraints are greats so i think you take the good way to make strong stuffs , but contraints can also slow you if they are Impracticable and make you loose confident and envy of drawing..

    i can be totally wrong and you are the only who know what you are able to do or not , but one panel a day seems to rough for me (its painfull to say that because i would like to see 100 of your panel per day if possible ^^)

    and i m sure that you , with your deep and twisted sense of situation and art skill , cannot possibly fail a comiX ..

    by the way i really have a fucking laugh when i see the "fellatio's welcome door"

    and again , sorry for my english

  2. Just want to say that I discovered your blog a few months ago and have been following it ever since. Despite the adult theme of your work, I have found all of it to be very inspirational and motivational for me.

    I'm in my late 20s, out of college with a crushed dream of becoming a comic book artist (long story...basically I got duped into the wrong major, filled with teachers who literally did not know anything about Photoshop). I'm in a job that I love doing and earn a great income, but it is not at all related to the arts.

    My skills haven't really improved at all over the last five or so years since I took an art class. Finding the time and motivation was pretty bleak. There were even periods where I wouldn't even so much as make a doodle for months.

    But coming to this blog everyday to see your new commissions and daily challenges have inspired me to pick up the pencil once again, and hone my skills. I've found your 100 drawings challenge to be exceptionally motivational to help me get past my many trouble spots.

    While I don't expect to suddenly switch careers into the comic book industry, I do hope to one day self-publish a book or two--something that I created by myself, in my own free time, not under the restrictions and bureaucracies that one within the industry would normally face.

    So thank you, InCase, for all that you've done. I'll continue to read your blog and learn from you. You've been a big inspiration to me.