What's been happening.

As you probably have already noticed, I haven't been uploading as much content as I usually do in the last month or so. I thought I'll make a post explaining what's happeninig.

I've been working full time on comics for PrismGirls.com. My initial plan was to work on that stuff most of the time, but still do a quickie, or a comic page at least once a week, but that didn't work out. Due to poor planning on my part I found myself with too much work to spend any time on free stuff. At least untill mid december I won't be able to do anything else than working on PG comics.

Which is really not how I wanted to go about joining a paysite. I never want to stop working on free stuff. I love sharing the porn I draw. Posting something new I drew on HF, and watching people's reactions is something I still truly enjoy, and I never want to give that up.

Also, let's be frank. Giving away free shit is great for business. If I shut myself off on a paysite my fanbase stops growing. Or even worse, it shrinks. Since drawing porn is how I make my living it would be insanely stupid of me to stop creating free content. So you guys never have to worry about me pulling a Dmitrys :*

I'll figure out how to do it in the future.


It's a paysite that focuses on well drawn porn comics. At first it was supposed to be all about porn parodies of movies, cartoons comics etc. but that proved to be a huge pain in the ass to do legaly so now it also features original content. So if you subscribe you get a new page of a comic 5 days a week. Sometimes it will be a comic drawn by your favourite artist InCase :*

For me it's pretty much the only way to draw longer, more involved comics right now. It might sound greedy, but I just can't draw longer comics without being paid for it. Comics are fucking hard work and I just don't have the energy to work on something longer than 5 pages without taking long breaks, or dropping the quality. Not to mention I don't have time for it. If I am working full time on commissions it's really hard to find time and energy to sink into working on a comic.

And I really want to make full sized comics for a living. That's pretty much why I started drawing in the first place. Well maybe my dream wasn't to draw porn, BUT STILL. What I am doing right now is pretty close! Drawing commissions is a great job, but ultimately I am working on ideas I have often very little input on. 


Right now I am preparing for a longer black and white comic I'll be drawing in december, but I really don't have anything o show for it right now. More on that in the near future. So far I drew two shorter comics for PrismGirls.

1.Futa on Female parody of Adventure Time. Totally not bubblegum is fucked by most certanly not Marceline with a dick. 7 pages

2.Futa on Male OC about a trap summoning a futa demon to fuck him. Fun stuff. 9 pages.

I am not sure how to promote them. I thought about uplading these two pages to HF but I dislike these sort of teasers. Only being able to see the first page is a pain in the ass. Another way to promote the comics is to upload single panels from the as if they were stand alone illustrations. Like here: 

That title is so dumb. Oh fuck.

Anyway, let me know what do you think about both kinds of promotions. I am really new to having to actively promote myself. It makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason. I'd be happy to hear your opinions on this. 

Almost forgot!
If you want to subscribe to PrismGirls use this banner. That way I get some extra money.Use Verotel to pay.


  1. I love it. That Hella Trap panel promo makes me want to sign up right now. I was going to wait till December, but that pic makes me so impatient.

  2. I like the idea of doing a single panel up in colour without any text bubbles or anything in the way (unless they contain punny one-liners that won't fall short without the context of the other panels to back them up or something!).

    On the one hand it lets you polish up something you've already worked on, as opposed to doing a whole new image of the characters involved which would be more work. Secondly it lets you choose your favourite bits from your own work to really show off, and you don't just have to do one panel if you want to polish more. It'd be a great way for us to see where you think you've really done a good job on the pose/anatomy/giant penis (yay giant penis!) and I'd like that.

    ~Always a fan

  3. Also more urethral play/sounding/docking would be awesome. Just had to say, sorry for double posting.


  4. Have you considered accepting bitcoins for prismgirls?

  5. Hey kid,
    Sooner or later we all sell our souls to the dollar ;)
    It's refreshing to see your struggle to make sense of it though.
    Hope it all works out for ya. Love your art.
    Chin up!

  6. Well, it's best to be sure you have some perspective of how pay models work nowadays (and zap your time) then to learn it after slaving away for years and years. It's a learning experience, I guess. But your work rocks, regardless, man.

    Working multiple jobs in the arts can be a total pain in the ass (speaking as a writer, here), but the more you do it and the longer you navigate it, the better at it you'll certainly be. Keep at it.

  7. I'm just wondering if there'll ever be a way to just purchase a shorter-term subscription or buy collected versions of the various series.

  8. Least I finally have that first page of the Adventure Time comic in full res...was bothering me.

    But yeah, I never pay for porn, so I only follow artists who do free stuff...when they go paysite, I just do like with Dmitrys and find their paysite stuff for free...$20 a month subscriptions isn't worth it when I only like 1 or 2 artists on a site...would be better to just buy collected works on down the line directly from you if I was going to pay something.

    1. Pretty much this. Not a good look dude.

    2. "...would be better to just buy collected works on down the line directly from you if I was going to pay something."

      This is something I would do too.

  9. So your apology is an advertisement.

    Dude, it's fine if you want to work full time on making money off your art, but don't apologize to the people who've been following your ride by trying to get them to get a subscription. Honestly, you don't even need to apologize, but if you do it this way, you come off as a cocktease and a bit of an ass.


    Guess what I'm saying is commit yourself to something you feel works, and don't feel bad about it. And don't do... *waves hand around*. Don't do this.

    1. I am not apologising for anything. I just wanted to let people know what I am doing, and assure that I am not gonna go 100% paid content. If you saw my PrismGirls announcement and that I stopped uploading free stuff you might get the wrong idea.

      Also I don't want to be what you described me as. I hate the way some artists go about monetising their work and I want to make sure I make it as painless for fans as possible.

    2. I don't mean you should abandon something you like. I'm just saying find something that you're comfortable with and that works for you, both with regards to finances and your own enjoyment. I like your art (I could do with less of the make-up/nail polish/etc., but that's another post, entirely); I've liked it for the last three years or so. That said, you absolutely need to find your own groove as you take it forward into something you can live off of. I don't see why anybody really has reason to complain even if that does mean you're not doing free stuff on your own time (whether temporarily or indefinitely); you've certainly given us plenty of fap material for free over the years.

      As to the apology comment; I know you're trying to explain yourself more fully here, but it really does come across as a sort of "Sorry for not being around and giving you free porn, but check out this stuff that I've been doing for moniez" deal. It might not have been what you intended to say, it just has that kind of effect.

      Hope you figure out how to move forward with this stuff soon.

  10. Well as per my policy I will no longer be linking to your work, as you are no longer a commission artist I feel no compunction to share your work with others. I hope you understand, from my perspective locking your art behind a paywall is a huge rejection of your fans. If we want to pay for porn.... we'll commission you. It's been a good run, we wish you well.

    your fans

  11. Well though I probably won't be joining the site in the near future I would just like to say good on you. If you can get paid doing what you like why the fuck not?

    I just hope I'll have the opportunity to hire you for more personalized work at some point because I want to throw money at you.

  12. For real though that's a dumb title

  13. The only artist on that site I'd consider paying for is you. Will there be a way to buy collected works or something in the future?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I really like your stuff, and on further inspection of prismgirls I have to say that you are the only one were I would consider giving my money. But sadly one artist for 16 bucks a month is just not worth it.

    Maybe the the only one artist coming near you is Doxy (pony shit blergh) the rest is just not worth it, sorry.

    Good luck on your endeavours InCase.

  16. I joined PrizmGirls when you made the announcement so that i could get your stuff. I am not really interested in the rest of the art there so far, but your stuff has been great.

    I feel that you are doing your best to walk a very fine line, there will always be people who over react, but I feel that you have a good concept for your future.

    The sad fact is we all need to make money in order to survive. I would perhaps not just post panels from your Prizm stuff but also make sure you put original stuff here so as not to make it seem that your free stuff is an advertisement for your pay stuff.

    Anyways, good luck!

  17. Jebus, i couldn't but feel grateful for the direction Incase is taking. His art is fantastic, he's dedicating time, energy, sacrifice and his own life to pursue that and like every other adult out there in the contemporary society, has the right to receive value for the value he is creating.

    I'm sad to see that some reaction is rather negative or bashful, even. Sad because Incase I think, without knowing him too much, is a rather sensitive and cheerful person who's trying to find a good equilibrium between all that work and blood he puts into this and trying to stay alive and get retribution. That stuff about "selling your soul" is a rather silly notion completely out of touch with reality. I applaud Incase for finding a venue that gets him the money he gets, while at the same time having the pain in his heart about not letting you/us people "down" by stopping to release pictures for free.

    It takes a lot of fucking guts to do what he's doing, you have to fight a lot of insecurities around this job (like not having a contract, not knowing how much money you might or might not make this month), and that he still thinks of what's going to happen to his fans, the integration he makes into his own plans to consider that, is pretty fucking awesome. I don't think he was doing an apology or an advertising, he's communicating "hey, this bothers me, this is my plan, and you guys are included in it this way". Of course he might do it for various reasons, most probably all of them valid and legitimate, but he still includes you and us into it. That's incredibly innocent and sweet from him.

    Incase, this is just my opinion of the situation, but I think you are boss and for whatever it's worth I support your decision. All of this is an evolving thing, and you have become so good (and will hopefully never stop improving, I'd murder you if you stopped) and it's fair, there's justice involved here, about getting something back. You deserve a lot of respect for the care you have taken before and now regarding those who follow you. I hope they will recognise that and not say something as childish as "you are selling your soul". Reality is complex, life is tough shit when you start fending off by yourself and start looking out for your future, particularly in the art field, particularly in the porn art field. People who are negative will keep respecting and caring for you.

    I sure as hell do man, even for as little as we have talked.

    PS: Excuse moi if there's some weird grammar in my writting plox

  18. as long as you continue to stream it's ok , i don't understand the Prismgirls like site , as you say going full paysite is a way to loose fanbase .

    So , why not using the "pay what you want" system , you gain money because all non-stupid fan will pay , you know exactly how much they pay and can have the direct value of your work , and your fanbase is not ripped by the "fuck the money-makers" .

    me , i can't spend money i don't have to yours arts , so what i do is talking about you as much as i can .

    maybe i'll stop ....

  19. i might be repeating myself here but you certainly should give flattr a try.
    it works damn well for some podcasters and i dont see why it shouldnt work for porn artists ... the fuck podcasts are niche compared to porn. after all it's what the internet is made for...

  20. If it's between a paysite and directly paying the artist I'd much rather pay you, the artist. If you'd much rather draw lengthy comics then commissions then how about this:

    Float a few ideas to your fanbase for comics that you want to draw and we vote on which one we want most. Voting ends and then you open "funding" with paypal/kickstarter/whatever to take money with a goal in mind for how much it would take to do the comic.

    You get to draw awesome comics, we get to see awesome comics, you get paid for your work. Just an idea. Either way, keep up the good work. I love your stuff!

  21. I appreciate your explanation but I definitely won't be signing up for PrismGirls. I just don't like the paysite business model and many of the problems that usually come bundled with it. Problems such as:
    -Poor image quality and resolution to save on bandwidth
    -Watermarked images, sometimes covering the entire image with ID codes
    -DRM locked or sliced up images that make it user unfriendly to save
    -Artists getting burnt out by strict schedules and quality dropping as a result
    -Paying for other artists I don't even like
    I don't know if PrismGirls has all of these issues or not but i'm not going to pay to find out after being disappointed so many times in the past.

    You are right in thinking your fanbase will shrink if you work exclusively at PrismGirls. I've seen well known artists become relatively obscure when they joined paysites with very aggressive DMCA takedowns. So i'm glad you recognize the importance of some free content to stay relevant popularity wise.

    Ultimately I support your decisions to ensure financial security and wish you good luck with whatever you choose to do. If PrismGirls is letting you spread your creative wings more then go for it and don't feel guilty. I can see how commissions can get old fast.

  22. all those ppl who would like to support their favorite artists but dont like to subscribe to paysites just like me should check out flattr too: https://flattr.com/howflattrworks
    IMO its the best way for independent artists to create what they want to create, share it for free and still get support from their fanbase

  23. I'm thinking on agreeing on you about the comic part. I draw comics too and shit it is a pain in the ass and a lot of energy to put into. Well Incase i hope you hang in there buddy :( oh if you have "a lot" of free time there's a show you should check out called SheZow, it's about a boy who wears a ring and becomes a female super hero "SheZow" however it's still a boy in a silly costume haha, I think you'll love it i hope you draw fan art of it

  24. Really hope this works out, man. I've been following your art for years and have nothing but the best of wishes for you. In fact you were and continue to be something of an inspiration to this fellow struggling artist, and the day you commented on my HF pic made my night.

    In terms of fanbase shrinking, I don't think you have to worry too much. This isn't the early days of the internet where no one had any idea where their porns were coming from. Even dmitrys, who hasn't done free art in forever, is still known by everybody -- not just people who pay for his paysite content. I don't think that you need to do free stuff. But I love that you want to. Cheers.

    1. "Even dmitrys, who hasn't done free art in forever, is still known by everybody"

      But not for good reasons...

  25. I'd rather pay you directly, also. I'm not interested in any other artist on that site and would definitely buy some sort of paperback with just your art in it, you're an inspiration for me as an artist and definitely one of my favourite artists.

  26. I can't fap to comics. I can understand you want to tell sexy stories, but comics are not the way to go.

    When i'm looking at erotic artwork, i like to come up with my own little stories for the characters. I interpret their personality and imagine things the characters would say. Imagine: a sexy futa lying on bed, with flirty bedroom-eyes fixed at you - words need not be said, a good picture can tell many stories.

    My absolute personal super honest opinion is, don't do comics. Your fanbase will be fragmented, this is an undisputable fact, because not everyone enjoys porn comics - i certainly don't.

    Also, remember that you didn´t build your brand doing comics: this is not what you are known for, it's not what your fans love you for. Doing black/white comics is a complete reverse course for your brand and you will lose followers for it. I have never, ever been able to fap at non-color pictures.

    My suggestion is that you keep drawing full-color individual pictures that tell simple, wordless stories (speech bubbles are the devil). You could draw follow-up pics, so they'll be like a series.

    Also, i would seriously consider going to kickstarter, indiegogo and whatever other funding platforms are out there. I don't know if they allow for pornographic projects, but you should absolutely research this. I promise you right here and now, if you asked for my money to create an artbook, let's say a years worth of your own, original work, i would ejaculate the insides of my wallet at you.

    I say it again. If you started a fundraiser for a years-worth of original art, i would shoot loads of money in your direction.

    1. Ahem... i went and subbed some hours after writing this. Exploring the site now, so far liking what i'm seeing. :D

      Btw, if anyone is worried about DRM on prism girls, there doesn't appear to be any. I'm downloading stuff with fervor!!

  27. Using pictures with actual content as promotion, like the ones of the bend over "Hella Trap", as perfectly fine IMO. It's not like some who post just a face or something. Actual content with "If you want to see more..." has never bothered me.

  28. Man, I farmed the shit out of Anzu for my husband for like 3 years!

    It took a while but I finally got him mounted. :3