Surprise comic #6

aaaand another one


  1. This is so hot!

    I like how he's bossy with his girlfriend, but he'll probably end up being Mike's slut.

    Maybe this surprise will backfire when she comes home and catches them having fun without her.

  2. sooo hot and imo the girlfriend bossy thing is out of character but who cares fucking sexy

  3. great work! i hope you make a complete story because me and my girlfriend would know what's happenend to try too ;) . with your other comics you can making a real book soon, i hope this day will coming, you've such a big talent for drawing and writing.

    1. Another one waiting!!

      [cum] This comic, [cum] is so fuuuu[cumcking HOT! [another cum]
      This is getting me dry :S [cum again]

  4. I don't usually comment on stuff online... really anything. But I figured why not, artists want praise and if they deserve then sure! I found this series of comics today and am going through your stuff now... Simply amazing.

    This particular set though is fantastic. I have to find a moment to slip these to my girlfriend to excite her. This is exactly what I want to take part in.

    Keep it coming! Made my sissycock dripping so far.

  5. Super ... please ....also mike fuck his girlfriend too.... in front of him ..!

  6. awesome ... beautiful ...! follows ..! the story is awesome ..! the best ever ..!

  7. When I started to notice your pictures about two years ago, I categorized your pictures in top 3 of futanari artists. Then you have improved, a lot. Now you are my favorite. There's more story and vivid action than in works of Kinky Jimmy and characters are more realistic and softer than in pics of Dmitrys. And this is hottest comic ever.

  8. Since I'm a closet sissy, and I'm kinda a skinny and and fem, I relate so well to the story that I find it the most powerfully erotic comic I have seen in a long time. Its my wet dream on screen!! Love it!

  9. Damn I would love if this would continue with physical feminization with hormones etc.

    Also: you should team up with somikchan/ulrikbadass

  10. Please ! I beg you Incaseart ! Finish this series. It's amazing ! PLEASE ! I want to know how it's going to end. I came so hard, that now, i come daily to your website, to see if the next part is coming up soon. PLEASE ! I BEG YOU !!!