Irregularlies: #123

Busy morning!

First I did some kissing studies (which are too shitty to show here) that allowed me to take another stab at kiss from the 7th page of the comic. Turned out ok:

I still need to work on their expressions etc. but the rough is solid. 

This little setback made me ralise that I still have some major problems with drawing faces. Daily gesture studies made drawing bodies so much easier and faster so I though I'd do some very quick face studies:

They all look like shit, especially the 80 second ones, but they are very helpfull with learning to draw better, more expressive faces. I'll add them to the daily warmup. And speaking of which:

Gesture studies from the last 2 days. Today I tried mixing it up and doing clothed figures. It's hard to draw the figure and the clothing in 80 secs but not impossible. I am learning a lot. 


  1. You inspire me, really. Committing to such studies can be a tough thing to do, as I've found in the past, but hearing that you're pleased with your own results makes me want to give it another shot in an attempt to improve my own work a bit, though I think a lot of my trouble is speed.

    I know from work that sometimes drawing the same character over and over again can really help you nail down their style and overall form, and make drawing it feel a lot more natural. I'm sure the same goes for anatomy and faces... I definitely have to find time to try.

  2. I think you are being to hard on yourself in regards to your quick sketches - but if they make you more determined to practice more and improve your style, that sounds swell.

  3. thank you for sharing those sketches , talking about sketches , i was looking cloosely in daily #96 , the eyes sketches an more precisely the two eyes on the bottom (the only eyes in black)

    that look is the most impressive bad ass mother fu*ker glare i ever seen !
    the shape of the eyes ! the shape of pupils !

    any comic girl with this eyes will be a awesome terrible villains !

    about the 7th page , i can imagine what blondie can says in the seven panel : " I definitely should make me pay first..." or something close to that ...

    or something about Freckles and the first time she taste her own semen and some reflexion about how shy and/or she react ,hey , even with a big size dick girls are girls ..

    i dont understand the 2 last panels , maybe something about a forgotten bag ^^

    damn i can't wait! can you tell us the lines before the final drawings ???