Weekly poop #2

I'd give this week a 6.5/10 in terms of productivity. I've done some good work, but I know what I can do better. Especially with the comic. But first:


This week was mostly about foreshortening, boobs and heads. I noticed that I can't foreshorten worth shit, and it's been hurting my drawings a lot. Time to change that.

For the heads, I mostly studied some of my fav artists works to see how they draw them. Not gonna show you that.

I've also done a number of painting studies, but I will keep those to myself. I don't see myself painting anything pornographic in the near future. I think I'll paint my super secret non pornographic pics and save the whole sketch/ink/colour thing for porn. 


I've been doing some rough drafts for the first story. Right now it looks like 6 pages. I still need to add the dialogue before I can start drawing it. I've also been trying really hard to come up with neat faces for the two characters. Half of the challange was learning how to draw the same face twice. I still can't do it to well if I don't use a grid to transfer the proportions exactly, but I am getting better. 

Damn, his eyebrows look intense. They are gonna stand out less in the comic where his hair is black, but for now, daaamn. She's either a redhead or a brunette. We'll see.

I've also done some sketches for their bodies and outfits, but nothing substantial yet.


  1. keep up the good work.
    my only problems is how the characters are in more complex backgrounds it looks like they are floating a bit

  2. Wait, does that mean the comic will be in color? Great! ^_^

  3. I love the big tits on the body sketches in the upper area. They look nice and natural.

  4. You make me very jelly Incase, Your improvement shows.

  5. Maybe it is just the hair but on the one with glasses. It doesn't look like there is enough space between the eyes and the top of the head. Otherwise it is all looking good. =)

    1. yeah spike , i agree , the top of the head look a little too flat , but the two girls have personnality , (or the girl and the trap, maybe?)

      the foreshortening sketch is impressive , but not still enough feets ! ^^

  6. "Damn, 'his' eyebrows look intense."

  7. That's fantastic to see how you improve your work ! *_* Glad to read that you're making another comic :3 This will be amazing for sure ! Keep up the good work !

  8. feet , feet , feet , feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ! more !

  9. I like the worms eye view of the woman on the bottom right. Its rendered pretty well. Did you try George Bridgeman or Andrew Loomis by any chance? Keep up the good work!

  10. You make me question my sexuality like no man nor woman has ever made me question it before, sir. Your arte is just wonderful and I heartedly wish you the best of lucks on whatever you do 'cause you deserve it. Please, never stop drawing and cheers from Venezuela (;