AAAaaaw shit! He's back!

Hi there! As you might have noticed, I've been taking a break these past two weeks. Well, not really. I've been doing everything like usuall: drawing commissions, doing studies and doodling sht. I just haven't been posting any of it here. I needed to rethink some stuff about this blog, especially 'dailies'/'irregularlies'. Doing them has been really burning me out lately. I realised that I've been doing them more and more, because 'hey, I've gotta post stuff today', than to actually gain someting from them. That sort of attitude is at the same time tiring and ineffectual. I should be doing studies to get better, not to have something interesting to show you. And that's what I've been doing these past two weeks. It's been aaawesoomeee.

At first I thought that I'll just take a break and go back to updating this blog as often as I can, but that's no good. I can't do it. I am burned out, at least for now. Maybe I'll start dailies again in a couple of months but for now I am finished. It doesn't mean that I won't be posting studies, drawings and other stuff here. I just won't do that on a day to day basis. I think weekly content dumps and updates will be better for now. There's also gonna be rather frequent updates when I start drawing the next comic.

Also sorry that I didn't post anything about my absence before. It might sound stupid but if I write a blognote saying that I am taking a break, it doesn't feel like a break to me. It's just me, not posting stuff. 

(this one is pretty poor tho)


I've don't have a lot to show here. I've done a lot of stuff that either doesn't look interesting (learning perspective), or is too weird to show. I've been experimenting with my style a lot. That's one of the reasons I want to give myself some space. Sometimes I want to try someting out for a couple of days, just to drop it later and never look back. Doing that while being watched is hard. 

Stuff that I can show:

Welp, that's not a lot.


That dickgirl teacher and trap comic is still on. I've been figuring out character designs, and writing the script. I don't have anything for you right now, tho. It's all still pretty sketchy

Some fun facts about the comic, that I am almost sure of:
-It's not gonna be one long story, but rather a couple of 2-4 page shorts about them living together,
-The first short is gonna be in black and white, dunno about the others,
-I want to start drawing it somewhere in december,


Pretty much every picture that I promised I am gonna draw before my break is most likely never gonna happen. I tried finishing that Teacher/trap picture but I can't do it. I really, really don't like how it's coming out, and I don't think I can turn back now. As it looks right now I'd be embarassed to post it anywhere, and I'd sooner bite off my own balls than start it from scratch. Sometimes images don't work out and you have to put them down. them. This is such time.

Now, let the whining commence!


  1. Good for you,
    It's your blog after all =)

  2. I think we'd all rather you stuck around and were happy doing it long term instead of burning yourself out and delivering a bit more short term. I support this wholeheartedly.

    1. although I was very much looking forward to the teacher/trap picture. But thems the breaks. Bring on moar horsecawk!

  3. You know what, as long as you come back, i don't care how often you post. I'm going to check it every day.

  4. Hey wait, didn't I say back some time ago you should do weekly or bi-weekly updates at most? See over exerting yourself is no bueno (then again I'm a failure when it comes to doing things on a regular basis both managers for my two jobs complain about me not filling out my time keeping stuff...I always think they'd be happier not paying me for work but who knows).

    So I'll just say; go you. Cast aside those oppressive shackles you set for yourself. Stretch you legs, have fun, enjoy your work, and most importantly: party on dude.

  5. Just getting to see the art you make makes me happy, and I'd prefer for you to enjoy making it at your own pace, rather than holding yourself to an artificial deadline. The best ideas take time to ferment, and that's a very personal process. Your work has been constantly improving, so keep following your instincts, and learn from everything you try.

  6. Good to hear from you! For me, that's totally okay. I'll just look forward to everything you post when you do it, knowing you can be more relaxed about it now ^_^
    Yay, comic! Good luck and spirit!

  7. Lol, what did you do to the image? It looked awesome in the last update :S

    Glad to have you back.

  8. I'm fine with weekly dumps, just make sure you actually dump what you did that week! Getting to see your work and progression as an artist is quite fun honestly, so while cherry picking uploads would be tempting, try to let a good bit of it eek back onto the blog, eh? :D