Irregularlies #118

Yep, that's the new title. Thanks to the kind anon for contributing.

Study day!

Tried doing tiny colour studies from Crl+Paint . I did these over the last 2 days.

Awesome way to learn about colour and light. But I am having problems with finding good photos to work off. Deviantart and Tumblr are riddled with beautifull photographs that are too processed digitally to work off them. I need some real lighting not photoshop filters.

I also decided to start each day with some quick 60-80 second gesture studies aided by this website

Today's and yesterday's:

Blargh. I feel like I am focusing on wrong things while working these. I need to think about proportions and actuall form of what I am drawing instead of  just copying contours. Oh well, I have the next 40 years to get it right.

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  1. Oh god, you actually used my suggestion.

    And I had never heard of that second site, it's really handy.