Dailies #105

Blargh. Bad drawing day.

Witch each frame their faces are less and less like on the first page... I really need some precise design documents before starting a comic. Meeeheheh


  1. Nooo no no, I disagree, there are slight variations, but mainly due to having very different facial expressions as the comic has gone on.

    The freckled girl definitely looks the same, and will look more so when shaded.

    The other girl looks a little different, mainly due to her lips looking slightly different, less pouty?

    Still, it's good work, dont beat yourself up about it :)

    1. I agree with you.
      And I think another reason that their faces are changing is that their emotion and mood is changing through the comic pages as well.

    2. Aye, Mr. Incase, this man is correct. And don't forget; you're your own worst critic (all great artists are).

  2. I like it, except maybe one thing. The breast size of the prostitute look a little too big. In the other comics they looked normal, but in this they look too disproportional. Other than that, looks great!

  3. Cersei Lannister?

  4. They are the same girls with differents expressions , the shape of the hooded girl head is ok now , as the lips . and the tits seems ok assuming there are hanging (and not only because bigger is better)

    but it s not the point !

    do you plan of making a 200 pages story ? taking your two next year to tell us all the adventures of this futa girl we dont even know the name ?

    in that case , do more sketches , study each positions and every expressions, otherwise dont put your head in the cabbages and make them sexy then correct when a chocking diffences appear thats all ...

    if you still want to go that way you can use this trick:
    of course with the new technology, you can easily make multiple versions of each drawings and its fun, but alas it doesn't improves the skill to make comics ..
    but even if you use ctrl + c, you certainly have characters that you draw routinely for months or years.

    so use them with chosen Slightly differences.

    for example, if you're very comfortable with your Harvey, you can use her face with eyebrows raised a little more or a rounded face more pronounced...
    it is not coincidence if the characters of a same author are sometimes very similar.

    speaking of something else i want to thank you a lot for this blog. What a pleasure that you share all that stuff with us, and each time I visit your blog, I have the urge to draw that take me back, something that didn't happen to me for a long time. (and learning more english grammar, its horrible how mutch i struggle for just wrote a few lines. You shoulda be french, , it would have been easier)

    ho, and the 347th freckle on the left cheek is 2 millimeters too far right !

  5. I found your work at e-hentai.
    Way to go!

    Your art is awesome!

  6. "Witch each frame" Haha, you made a mistake you stupid fuck!