Dailies #100

Even more hands! Yaaay. 

Above red line: very rough studies from photos
Below:Imagination tiiimeee

I think I am starting to get it. Once again the answer was thinking first in terms of simple form and gesture, and then using anatomy to make it realistic. My little breakthroug from couple of days ago seems to be far more important than I initially realised. Cool.

 My biggest problem right now is foreshortening of fingers and the thumb. Gonna work on that next time.


Also 100 dailies! Whoooo... It took me only 143 days... So I guess these are not as daily as I would like to think. Meh.


  1. Those are great sketches. It gives us some insight as to why your art is so phenomenally erotic and effective. Attention to details and practice!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. ok, already, I managed to twist my wrist trying to figure out what bothered me about some of your sketches for a while ...

    on some of your drawings hands seem too flat .. (clearly seen at the three hands holding a square box

    one luxation later, I have maybe seen the problem.

    When you draw the hand itself, you are using a double rectangle (clearly seen on the very first picture in the top left)
    this is that rectangle that is false in my opinion.

    if you put your hand in profile it should look more like a trapezoid where the birth of the fingers is almost two times as wide as the contact with the wrist.

    anatomically speaking, one can see that the metacarpal bones and the carpal, thicken before reaching the wrist

    can be seen on this x-ray radio (forgetting the bones of the thumb)


    or by trying this little exercise you can do all at your home:

    First put the palm of your hand facing you, fingers straight and close together as to make a blade of your hand, ( T1000 like).
    then, without moving your arm, bend your wrist towards you trying to make a 90 degree angle between your hand and arm. (beware of breakdown if you are not flexible)
    when the fingertip is the exact level of the wrist in your line of sight, you can see that the top of your hand is quite visible.
    if you turn your wrist to the right (or to the left if you try this with your right hand) you can see that you have not managed to make a 90 ° angle but especially if your fingers remains straight you can almost see a triangle (forget the joint of the thumb)
    Obviously, since the hand is made up of quite a few bones, according to the position of the hand and without even talking about effect of proportion, the difference between the tip of the hand and its beginning can go a little over one to three sizes.

    SfmE like always.