Dailies #104

I'll be doing a general review of anatomy in the next couple of days. 

Today I did some general "Um... How do I draw people, again?". Most of it is not fit for this blag, but at the end of the hour I drew a couple of figures from imagination. Each one took maybe 5-10 minutes. 

They are kinda shitty, but at no point I had any trouble drawing them. Even the hands were a breeze. I guess that's what I've been working up to for the past few months. Being able to just draw the body without redrawing everything 10 times untill it somehow magically works. I still have a long way to go untill I can draw truly beautifull bodies with ease, but for now I am fine with mediocrity.


  1. i'm looking for mediocrity in those sketch but sorry dont find it...

    •hands and feets are great

    •proportions seems legit

    •i'm not pro for muscles but nothing shocks me

    • sexymeter is high (especially on the girl on one leg , and even for a bald faceless women)

    anonymous approval ! isn't it the best ?

  2. may i ask you a question ?

    can you tell us what is the size of your original draws , compared to the image you share on this blog (if you resize something before sharing)?

    thanks you

  3. I like the top right pose. I just might use that as a base for one of my pixel arts. In addition, i'm a big fan of your works and I hope you keep up the great work.