Not Dailies #101

Another break! Bleh. I've been having hard time with drawing lately. Small art block or something. I think I am mostly over it tho. 

Anyway, here's some riveting dialogue for you. Hold on to your butts!

I also started working on the page #5. Looking good.


  1. Looking better and better.

    Don't worry about the art block, it happens to all of us... I haven't drawn anything raunchy since March myself. D: All work and no play...

  2. damn , the red part of the #5 sketch is A W E S O M E !! i dont know if its because of your previous dailies , but the open jaws , the shape of the eyes , the position of the head and neck !! all is perfect (for me) , hope you can preserve the quality of this sketch in the final draw

    where do you find this half-bored half-lickerish facial expression !

    it s make my day !

  3. 6 whole letters, HORRY SHEEET.

    Not that I mind though.

  4. Oh man, that lip bite. You always draw the best lip bites.