Dailies #99

Meh. Finished shading the fourth page but I relly don't feel like writing dumb dialogue today. I'll do it later.

Psd file for those who want to take a stab at colouring this one. 

I also tried figuring out dem hands with mixed results. I learned some new stuff, but using it in practice is hard. Hands are complex.

I'll keep working on them in the next couple of days. After that I think I am done with anatomy for a while. I really want to work on colouring.


  1. I dont think you need to add dialogue to this, maybe just the odd sound effect

  2. The way to draw hands or, indeed, any other body part is not to try and copy the outline (especially while using reference) but visualize (and draw) hidden anatomy. The hand holding the ball from the top is fine but the bottom one isn't. Try drawing the entire palm as if the ball wasn't there first and you'll see where the problem is. Same goes for the cube.

  3. Alright, time to turn into a coloring zombie...question though; do you still have pages 1-3 in raw psd form? If this page turns out, I'd be down for coloring the whole thing...don't you love having dedicated fans lol

  4. Who needs dialogue with smut this good? Outstanding as always.

  5. The little fingers look rather long.