sketch: Wonder Woman

I am not quite done with DC babes yet! 

This one is weird for me because I never really gave a fuck about Wonder Woman. Not a fan. I don't dislike her, I just never read or watched anything with her as the pratagonist. I was doing a quick pose study from a photo and I've gotten the idea to make it into a WW piece. Turned out pretty good. 

I Will most likely color this... and do a futa version :3


  1. WOW!!! Yours DC Babes are fucking amazing! Maybe You should also try some Marvel girls?
    I can't wait for color version...
    Pozdrawiam :]

  2. Nice work... but is it possible to make a pussy fuck version too? :o Just with a nice fat black dick :)

  3. Are you into the Marvel ladies as well? :P

  4. I love your work

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