Irregularlies #147

After yesterday's anatomical fiasco I decided to try a different approach to these quickies. I enjoy doing them a lot, but if I do them in one sitting then there's a high chance that I am gonna screw up something obvious. So instead of finishing one today, I started two. 

Tentacle summoning:

I wanted to draw a character in a blood red cloak doing something. Turns out it's summoning tentacles from hell. Why not. I can alredy see that her leegs are a bit too small for her body. If I went straight into inking and   colours I would miss that. 

And trap Harley:

The ida for this character comes from Bebop Jet. Baiscally it's what if Harley Quinn was really a brainwashed feminised Robin. I really like this idea. It combines two things I love: Harley Quinn and traps.

I will most likely finish both of these tommorow. Or not.


  1. Odd realization that trap Harley fits into older/classic Batman stuff with the whole Batman / Robin relationship. I could also see Bruce *possibly* having Robin do something like this for his own enjoyment, but Robin being brainwashed seems more believable.

    Also; tentacles, aaawwww yeah.

  2. I wrote the Harley scenario for Literotica. I thought it would make a good story about the Joker dominating and turning Robin into his own slut and creating Harley Quinn.


    Unfortunately it's not getting reviewed well (Currently a 3.86) but I think that's because it was forced into the Celebrity category instead of the Transexual/Crossdresser category I originally submitted it for. The admins told me it has to go to the Celebrity section because it contains famous characters, even if they are fictional.