Irregularlies #140

Hi guys! Sorry for the blogpost being so irregular (oh lawd) lately. I've been having hard time drawing anything lately. Not really an art block, I guess I was just tired of juggling commissions, this blog and learning how to draw all day every day. Anyway I am over it (hopefully) and I am ready to get back to updating more often.

Here's what I've been doing behind the scenes (beware of the ugly heads. that's how it looks when I am not trying to make it pretty):

A whole lot studies and practices! I've been trying learning planes of the body. I started with heads and hands. Good stuff. Makes you really think in 3d. I've also been going over proportions and forms all over the body. Also fun.


  1. Studies and practices?! I love studies and practices! Give us more please!

    Seriously, this is good stuff and active studies really are the best way to get better.

    Keep it up, man.

  2. sometimes i just like to know you havent been killed or anything

    1. This. I've mentioned that before too. kind of.

  3. I just realized it would have been much easier to give you feedback and questions about the excercises if the individual drawings were numbered; or in small groups.

    Just wanted to say that that crouching-position looked really nice. Mmm, ankle-socks in that position, huehueteotl!

    Do paintings usually take this long, or is it just me being impatient?

  4. Can you suggest me a few books from where I can learn Anatomy and Postures ?

    1. The Internet?

    2. Martins Olberg don't be mean to other commenters. You don't know what you're talking about.

      Only way to learn poses is to do studies from photos unfortunately. But there are a lot of anatomy and figure drawing books that I can reccomend:
      -Anything by Loomis. you can find scans here: http://fineart.sk/photo-references/andrew-loomis-anatomy-books
      -"Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life"
      -"Vilppu's drawing manual"
      -"Michael Hampton - Figure Design and invention" -This one is great to learn drawing from imagination, but it does not go very indepth into anatomy,

      That's mostly what helped me go as far as I am now.

    3. This time I wasn't being mean. Seriously.
      I just think there's a lot more stuff on the internet than there is in books.

      Being mean was not my intention.

      Do you have any links to your sketches Prince? I kind of want to see how good you are :P

    4. Nvm... I should have checked your profile first :P

    5. Well I am only at the beginners level , so showing my work would be kinda weird. I have tried looking on the Internet in the past but I have never been able to make up my mind on what Book I want to follow.

  5. Why do you keep name-dropping me!

    Love watching the studies, I should really start doing some of my own, or just more practice in general. No better way to learn!