Irregularlies #138

Another wip!

Good news: I cleaned the bad boy up and set up masks.
Bad news: In the process of doing that the painting lost a lot of depth. Nothing that can't be fixed tho. 

I also did this shitty thing today:

It's not meant to be a finished piece, so I won't upload it anywhere. It's an exercice in:
-Minimalistic lineart
-Trying to understand subsurface scattering
-A different colour pallet for the skintone
-Other misc things

I based it all on this photo:


  1. mmmh , i don't like to see erect dicks and knifes on a same picture ... don't know why...
    what happened to the bad boy's arm?

    I like the rendering of the clavicle on the drawing of the girl in swimsuit and I still love all the reflection of the background on the shaded parts of the skin.

  2. The whole glasses with business dress is completely doing it for me. I have had your blog's RSS feed on my Greader for almost 2 years now and whenever I feel down I just cum here and all is right again ^_^