Irregularlies #135

I've figured out what was bugging me about this piece, and what was bugging me about my art in general! I don't know shit about proportions. It's pretty obvious problem when you think about it.

Anyway here's the revised sketch. I moved, resized, and refitted some stuff and now it is no longer pissing me off. I still need to refine it before I start applying colours, but I think I am pretty much done with this sketch.

Also the shorts are making a comeback! Whooo.

I was not joking when I wrote that I don't know proportions. I managed to draw human beings for 8 years without actually knowing most of the head measurements. I knew some basic stuff like the croth being somewhere in the middle, some stuff about the torso and how long the arms are supposed to be roughly but untill very recently I never really cared about the specifics. I always kinda went with my gut and then surprise, surprise I have to redraw everything 10 times before it looks good! How the fuck have I gotten any money from drawing is beyound me. 

Anyway, I've started properly learning proportions yesterday. I've learned that I draw people 8 heads high. That was interesting! That's a bit much. Maybe I should scale down to 7, 7.5 in the future.

I wonder how many other obvious things I am missing? 

Anyway, have some exercices that I should have been doing 7 years ago:


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    1. I thought you had died or something D:

    2. I've probably refreshed the blog 150 times since your last post.

      And I've recieved a ban from 4chan... lol.
      -''You have been banned from all boards for the following reason:[loathsome and imbecilic furry porn spamming]''

    3. I really don't have a lot to do when LoL's servers are down :S

  2. It looks great :)

    Only thing bugging me about this picture now; is the sink that looks like the side of the counter, and the apron that seems a bit slim(;This might look more correct when the coloring is finished, right?; Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on itself...). Other than that it's AWESOME.

    Oh, and her eyebrows make her look too dominant(;Don't mind me and my weird opinions), but that's how most people like it, isn't it?

  3. mm even tho its moar anatomically correct, y think i prefer your slightly Avataresque* characters with them longer torsos, the Teacher's torso is still just as long rite?, and now i feel the good student is a bit to small. Also i liked it when he was a bit more involved and trying to look at her, now he looks more submissive, but thats just my 2 cents(both ways work for me). Great piece all together.
    And wee for them shorts, i really dig em >.<

    *-(Might not be an actual word)

  4. I like it however it looks to me like her boobs may be a bit smaller, is that just me? I hope it is cause i love me some big ole titties!

  5. I like this one InCase. You fixed the butt thing. and tuned up allot of specifics.

    Loomis would be proud hombre.

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    1. Mine thoughts exactly.

  7. I think you should keep them 8 heads high. It's unrealistic but I like the look a little better. Gives the characters a lithe aesthetic.

    Keep up the great work! You're always an inspiration.

  8. About proportion. Those hands are HUGE. But, hey, I know how you feel. I suck at it too. :|

    1. Hands are always the size of the persons head so he's actually spot on.

    2. "Hands are always the size of the persons head"

      I take it you haven't actually seen very many real hands.

    3. Put your hand up to your face. Your hand is now the same length as your face.

  9. Proportions are good to know, and learning them can be a big help, but don't let them completely restrain you. Bayonetta is ten or eleven heads tall, but her inhuman proportions were a stylistic choice that helped to reveal something about her character while at the same time managing to look sexier than she should.

    1. agree with that , but for some reasons it reminds me of something I've already read it several times from different artists, they spoke to unlearn the rules to make good art.
      but to unlearn, you must first learn ...

      (and to make a good post you must learn to make one ... that says nothing ...)

      what I mean is, if it was enough to keep proportions to make a good drawing, there would be millions of designers

      For me what is important is to know at the first glance: hey, this is an art from Incase! (what I can currently say about almost all your drawings - even those without futa)


  10. You draw abdomens too long, and then to make it look right in proportion to the abdomen, the arms have to be drawn longer, which then only makes things look even longer.

    A simply photoshop tweak. Cut off her torso by around her bust line, just under her boobs, and move the top half of her down, maybe to the point it covers the shirt button on her stomach.

    You'll then have to tweak the arms slightly to get a more natural and proportional length with the bend in the elbow, but I think just that small a fix could make a world of different.

    I would try it myself to see if my theory is right, but i am too busy jerking off to your blog, sorry. ^_^

  11. ...
    my only problem is that you disapeared.
    For the rest you draw so amazingly good that I just don't care