Buuuuut :3

Funny story about this one: halfway through the colouring my tablet fucked up and activated a photoshop action that it should have no way to activate. Here's what the action did:
-Merge all layers
-Resize 25%
Suffice to say that the action got deleted shortly after. And I've learned my lesson: never put 'save', and 'close' into any photoshop action. NEVER.


  1. Oh god, that sounds like a nightmare =I think I'd have been hard pressed not to hurl my computer out of the window in that situation....

    On the bright side though, it looks awesome!

  2. Hey, a little tip to you - because what you did happened to me many times before - always end with the combo "save for web"(save as jpg, 100%)+"reverse"(that will revert the pic to what it was when you opened it). Other than that, great work! ;)