February 2012 challange #1

One pinup per day, till thursday. That's the deal this time. I am sick of having a very complex and time consuming coloring style, and I am trying to develop something simplier. I'll be trying out different combinations of cell shading, soft shading, thick, or thin lineart, to see what looks good with my drawing style.

For the subjects, I decided to pick them at random from your requests. I assigned a number to each request, and then used this site: http://www.random.org/ to pick which one I will be drawing today. 

Today's request was for my autofellating futa character! I assumed it was about that redheaded painterly one.

Bleh. I don't like this one. Pose is stiff, I feel weird doing cell shading and her expression is just plaing weird. Oh well.
Feel free to still add requests to my previous post. I am picking them just before I start drawing. 


  1. To be honest it reminds me of Dmitry's work.
    Pretty Nice.


  2. Indeed, not very good, you have drawn a lot better. But have fun trying out new stuff!

  3. Dmitry's get out that body !!!!... (damn i'm the second who saysthat)

    i think it s because of the chosens colors , but i'm not sure..

  4. The drawing in itself isn't like Dmitry's but the tones chosen sure are similar...