February 2012 challange #2

This time I tried a combination of really thin lineart, soft shadows, and glossiness. Meh. Took to much time, and it just looks like my usuall style. Tommorow I will probably try something a lot simplier. 

And a couple of words about why am I even bothering with figuring out a simplier style. There are two reasons.

The first one being, that I really want to start doing comics. That's why I got into drawing in the first place, because I wanted to draw comics! But with my current style it takes just too much time to draw one page. Remember that Batgirl comic I was doing a couple of months ago? It took so long to colour these damn 5 panels that I gave up halfway through. I would love to do these amazing, fully rendered and detailed comic pages but I don't have the time, nor the patience to do this. I guess I could just draw it in black and white for now, but I just can't put my heart into it if it's not colour. Meh.

The second reason is kinda weird. I don't like my style. At all. I am not trying to be humble here. It just bugs me. I really love artists that can draw with a simple, and efficent style, and yet I developed a very detailed and semi-realistic cumbersome monster. I don't even know how this happened, but I don't like it. I guess one of my goals for 2012 is to get my style where I want it to be. 

If you are curious, my three fav artists are:
Matteo de Longis :http://www.kamenstudio.com/ (I love how he does faces), Adam hughes and Yukimi 

Ugh, whatever, see you tommorow


  1. I know what you mean about being bugged by your own art style. Especially when it feels like it's limiting you at every turn.

    I find a good way to shake that is to practice drawing in a radically different style -- take things to an overly simplified or abstracted level, try doodling in the style of an artist who's visually vastly different from you for 10-30 minutes; it's not the act of copying someone else that can help, but rather the act of forcing yourself to work far enough outside of the drawing habits that have come to feel constricting.

    Another bonus is that it can open your eyes to new and fresh techniques that you might not have considered before.

    Anyway, that's my lil' bit of art advice to a vastly superior artist ^__^''
    And as much as I still love the style you've been using so far, it's definitely interesting to see you try out new things!
    Good luck =)

    1. I suspected that every artist feels like this sometimes. Maybe it's just because we spend so much time with our art that we get sick of it. I love Adam Hughes work, but I know I would start to hate it after 7 years of staring at it every day ;)

      Thanks for the advice!!! I tried sketching some heads in a style completly different from mine and it was the most fun I had with drawing in a long time. It was a big eyed, very mangaesque style. It helped me a lot with figuring out how I want to draw. I need to write about myself more often if I am gonna get advice like this :)

      And thanks for overcomplimenting me. It's always good to get a morale boost :)

      Ps. I think I wrote this somewhere before, but I really like your linework. That werewolf pic of yours is a great example. I remember staring at it for some time trying to absorb some knowledge about line weight ;)

    2. Haha yep, I don't think I'd be able to stick with one style for a very long time without eventually getting sick of it! (Hell, even looking at stuff I've drawn just a couple years ago can make me cringe!) Best way to avoid it is to keep improving and evolving at every opportunity -- that's how I choose to view it anyway x3

      Really glad that advice turned out to be useful =D and am seriously happy to have helped!

      And aaahh thankyou! I admit, I am kinda pleased with how my linework's progressed over the past year or so ^__^'' (I'd actually been contemplating livestreaming one of my lineart-ing sessions, but kinda doubtful as to whether a) people would be interested enough view it, or b) my sluggish computer would be able to handle it without combusting x3)

      And yeah, I remember when I saw you'd faved that werewolf pic I got probably a little too excited xD that was certainly a morale boost in and of itself - so glad I was able to return the favor there somewhat =P

  2. This is really fantastic. I love Samus and you did an amazing job for trying to keep it simple.

  3. Adam Hughes is fantastic. The work he does for cover art is simply amazing. He's also got a sense of humor to boot, and he seems to love his work. He's definitely one of my favorite artists in the comic book industry.

  4. I hope the next one isn't futa.

  5. Dick girls aren't really my thing but you always do a great job capturing expression and detail. I really like your style, you always draw the female form beautifully, even when they happen to have dicks as well.

  6. I think the point is: you should always have room for new styles, to innovate and improve yourself/your art. It's essential for every artist to do so, otherwise, they will just hunker down their own art. The worst enemy and best ally this time around, hopefully, is you. As people usually say, "quantity doesn't always beat quality", and that, i think, applies to you as well (in your way of thinking, that is). Of course it's awesome to see details all around the art, but that doesn't really mean it's meant to be always outstanding on it's on. Leaving it to be "simple" or "complex" is just a matter of choices between different works, your "goal" and "purpose" on the matter. (an ex: some of your speed challenges felt great to us fans and might i say, better than some of your works, while some of your "more complex works" are a sight to belhod as well and can't be compared). Your call here, Mr.InCase.

    For me, your style is great and unique. I can bat an eye and tell one of your works from afar. And that's really a good thing, meaning you already have a solid style to work/improve on. From there, it's on you, and we got the cheers for that! Inspiration on others' work are always a great update, just watch out to not lose your style in the way.

    As for the "bored", i'll put two points, one is my view and the second ain't.
    1st.You can't properly see your own "progress" if you are on daily basis with it (hate/boredom is usually what happens as the time goes on). Let us take, for an instance, that freckled emo chick you did on 2009 and compare to any girl you drew recently. The upgrade is astonishing! The lines, the anatomy, the colors, the expressions, the eyes (specially these one) everything shines on it's own. Of course, taking acknowledge between almost 3 years of work do stand out (duh), but it's just a point i wanted to spread out. Let's try another example: between Chubby and Anniversary (both on your HF's gallery and 5-6 months away from each other) -- While Chubby has more "views", it fells way more rushed, both in lineart and colors compared to Anniversary which, while running almost half of it's views, it's way more simple yet complex to view, pleasent in it's own way (aside from the fact that tentacles ain't particular my style) and also got more favs/comments (that's not really a fact, but either way lol). There's almost an 10h gap between both works, and it's noticeable, but if i could, i would pay for the latter.

    2nd and lastly, after all this blah blah. Now, if you aren't happy at all with your style, who am i to annoy you around, right? You should fell comfortable with your own art, not me. I think it's just a phase, a transition/understanding of your own art. Of course, either way you choose, i'm still a big fan of yours and shall accompany you around. Among the few +18 artists out there i particulary keep up-to-date, you are on top list, pornable or not (no ass kissing here, you're seriously on the bookmarks for daily checking rofl).

    Now, after all this, i'm bored to review any mispelling or grammar, so sorry if it happens rofl.

    In any case, i cheer for the best.


  7. Very nice work I love her expression but the penis and balls look like they are set too low. Like if she was standing up they would be hanging inbetween her thighs instead of in front of them.
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