February 2012 challange #3

This one came out ok... I guess...


My thoughts on this one:
-I am starting to dig using varying line weight in my lineart. I takes so much of a load off the colouring in terms of defining form. 
-It's hard to do a lot of different materials in a simple style. But then again it does not matter that much in porn. There's skin, latex and everything else ;)
-Kind of a baby face... I have to watch out for that.
-These does not look like town portals. Oh well. 

Tommorow I am going to try flat colours. I've always been afraid of doing them, but what the hell I am feeling cocky right now.


  1. I like this, man. It's an interesting premise...sexy, but kinda cooky. Very good work!

  2. 1: Love your work.
    2: Love portal autofuckin'.
    3: Her arm looks like it enters on the elbow and has a few good inches left when it exits, and the dick looks like it's terminating when it enters but still before the halfway point on exiting!

    Still, hot as shit though. everything individually looks good.

  3. *adds length of cock in mouth to length of cock at the base*... Holy fuck is she ever hung! I would not be opposed to taking every inch of that inside me.

  4. AMAZING! Wish it was an animated pic, but still I'm on a HUGE Futanari Obsession!
    Trying to find the best of the best Futanari Pics ever.

    Is there anyone i could request a pic made?

  5. WOuld be great to have a version where she fuck her pussy with her own cock.

  6. i'd argue that the fist is in the wrong whole because i don't care for anal. otherwise i love it