Speedy painting challange! #5

Aand done. With this one I tried doing a loose underpainting and then trying to refine it later. Big mistake. It took me far too much time to make it look somewhat decent. Line drawing and underpainting come first. Then you can have fun with painting over. 

I guess that's what I've learned from this challange. Lay solid foundations and then build on them. Even if you want to jump ahead and have fun with the details and nuances, you have to make sure it works on a higher level. You have to focus. Good art, at least my art, comes from the mind, not the heart.


  1. Well in the end it turned out hot as hell. O.O

  2. agreed! a detailed line-art is essential to build a good pic, but I'm having trouble to maintain the definition of the details after i hide the line-art layer, any tip?

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