Sameface removal #7

Last few days I've been doing face studies. Nothing that I could show tho. It's all to shitty.
What I can show is some sameface removal practice. All heads are from imagination.
I think I am starting to sorta get how to draw distinct faces. I still need some practice before I am confident with it, but at least I made the first step.


  1. I really think that you draw the sexiest noses.

  2. Definitely looks better. Some chubbier/older/younger faces would be good too.

  3. Yeah, what Anon said ^. Don't mind making them ugly if it's for the purpose of learning.

    Also; I feel like the lips are a bit too puffy, if we're going for as realistic as possible.

    1. I agree. There's a lot of diversity in all the other facial features, but the lips are very similar in that they're all extremely full and broad.

  4. Replies
    1. "All heads are from imagination."

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