Quickies #5

I wanted to see how one of these would look like if I spent more time on it. Around 2h and 20 minutes for this one:

Story I had in mind while painting: evil (actually good) exorcist sealed a demon somewhere. What is the poor (rightfully punished) demon gonna do all alone in there?

I could see doing comics this way. 

Aaand WIP's:


  1. yes, comics in this style would actually be great.

  2. That'd be pretty cool to see, doing a 'quicky' style comic. Especially one revolving around this poor little demon. ;P

  3. Is it odd that I find this both adorably cute and very sexy at the same time? Maybe that's just how I view traps..hmm...

    <3 the style

  4. This is nice, but the dick turned out kinda wonky.

  5. With these going so fast, you can start running live streams and take commissions for them.

  6. These quickies are really nice. Very, very good quality for how fast you draw them.

  7. its a great idea to do your comics with this...
    only my idea is to finish the one your now with the style u are started with...
    i know you have a long tiresome perfectionist art style
    But its one of the best i know...

    And changing art style in the middel of a running comic might be a little bit weird XD

    So i'd say do it in your next comic and leave this one the same

  8. This blog has gotten pretty FABULOUS recently.

    Just sayin.

  9. This...this is awesome, I love seeing your process...still it would be even more beautiful to see a video of it.

  10. Hot lil trap :D


    1. Er, futa? I was posting to the elf trap pic and my comment appeared in this one. Weird!